What does it mean to be given a red rose and a book on April 23?

What does it mean to be given a red rose and a book on April 23?

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In recent years, a large number of customs have become popular within popular culture that, although they are not officially marked within world or national anniversaries, tend to be practiced frequently. Among these we find giving flowers on certain commemorative dates such as September 21 or April 23l, date on which a gift is usually given red rose and a bookeither. Did you receive this present? If you still don’t know the meaning of this action and its origin, we will explain it to you here.

Today is April 23rd, which means that hundreds of people took to the streets to pamper their loved ones with a red rose and a book, but what does this mean? This celebration has a Catalan origin, since, in this region, it is where this custom began to be practiced for many years and has its origin in an ancient legend that is still valid today and is passed down from generation to generation.

April 23 is the Sant Jordi Day in Cataloniaa, Spain, and this day arose in the 13th century after the Golden Legend of Jacopo da Varazze became popular, which takes up a story from the Middle Ages in which a knight allegedly risked his life to save Princess Cleolinda, who would be sacrificed so that the dragon that was scaring away the settlers would calm its hunger and fury. He killed him with his sword and a beautiful rose bush of red roses sprouted from his blood.


In the end, as the savior of all, they named a day in his honor and even Catholic masses were held to continue honoring his name. For this same reason, the custom of giving a red rose to each other as a gesture of love and respect was later added.

Why are books given away on April 23?

He April 23rd thatl World Book Daya date on which Sant Jordi’s Day is also commemorated in Catalonia. The first was proclaimed by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1995; However, in Spain the celebration dates back to 1926. It was established specifically on this day because it was the date on which some of the most famous authors such as Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Maurice Druon, among others, died.

Nowadays, in some countries like Spain, people known and unknown are often given a Red rose accompanied by a book; In addition, the holiday is used to organize fairs, literary meetings and book signings.

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