Kate Middleton and William’s DIVORCE is imminent, astrology reveals

Kate Middleton and William’s DIVORCE is imminent, astrology reveals


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The beginning of 2024 has been one of the most complicated that the company has faced. British royal family, since much has been said about the supposed disappearance of Kate Middleton and the way in which his illness has been managed; However, now a piece of news has shaken the world and it is the divorce of the prince william, and this would be supported by a astrological theory and this is what you need to know about it.

It was on Christmas Day 2023 the last time the Wale’s princess in public, and since then his whereabouts, suffering and even recovery have been a true mystery, so through the social networks a good number of have begun to circulate theories about her, but it was last Wednesday, March 15, it began to circulate that his disappearance because she and the hheir to the British throne They are in the middle of the divorce process, this is because of the Prince William’s infidelities.

As expected, so far the Buckingham Palace has not expressed itself regarding these rumors that have been launched through the social networksbut this news could be true, since it is supported by the way in which the planets and stars are aligned according to the astrological chart of the daughter-in-law of King Charles III, since the universe has had different facets since she was last seen and this is what is known.

What does Kate Middleton’s birth chart say about Prince William’s divorce?

It has been through TikTok where a video where a professional astrologer identified as Amy Tripp, speaks not only of the exact location of the Wale’s princess after the mysterious silence on the part of the Windsors, but also what the stars and stars have revealed around the supposed separation what is between the marriage of the parents of princes George, Charlotte and Louis.

According to the first explanations of the experts, Kate Middleton is governed by the Uranus planet in square with your ascendant, which represents your physical body, which is a sudden change, unexpected interruptions, but according to the Astral chart of His Majesty, 42 years old Jupiter-Sun they also align it and this can only result in better health and the aspects Jupiter-Moon They tend to bring more happiness and personal positivity.

However, not everything is totally good in the life of Kate Middleton Well, even though the stars and the stars predict a speedy recovery in matters of love, everything seems to indicate that the vibrations of the universe They have marked that for the divorce from prince william There is no turning back, so despite the great love of the public, she will never be able to become the queen of England, or at least that is what astrology has revealed regarding the future of the Wale’s princess.

And apparently, the full moon eclipse next monday March 25thwill manifest directly in Libra, and being the sign of Capricorn, all the events of this manifestation predict a impending divorce, Well, the separation in letter from Lady Di’s daughter-in-law involves Uranus or Pluto in square or in opposition to the Sun or Venus, which generally reveals a transition that will not be reversed, since it can also be added to this theory that Chiron.

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According to experts, this is known as the ‘wounded healer’which is currently in square with her sun, which not only represents the husband but also represents her and the ‘vital nucleus’, since this aspect is sometimes seen in illness and in the end of a couple’s love, and quite visible in the astrological manifestations of Kate Middleton.

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