Kuno Becker debuts as a dad and shows off tender images with his baby – El Diario NY

Kuno Becker debuts as a dad and shows off tender images with his baby – El Diario NY

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After a few months ago Kuno Becker surprised his fans by announcing that he would become a father, the wait is finally over and he has already welcomed his little daughter.

Through his Instagram account, the actor announced the arrival of his baby girl with a couple of tender images where she appears posing with the little girl lying on her chest and another carrying her in her arms.

The Mexican accompanied the snapshots with an extensive and emotional message:

“Daughter, my greatest mistakes will be your greatest advantages. My successes also advice. If you decide to take them. All my secrets are going to be yours. About everything. I will tell you my story little by little. Some things will surprise you a lot. There are things that I still don’t know how I’m going to tell you. But what I do know is that I will always look for the best way to always tell you the truth. No matter how hard it may be, in the most loving way, but always the truth. My biggest challenge is to be an example for you. With what you do not just with what you say. I know, that’s going to be my best advice. My actions. I am going to teach you that any type of relationship is based on respect,” she began.

“Always. I know that I want to be good in every way for myself, so I can be there for you. I’m learning to be a dad. Is not easy. Be patient with me. I’m going to try to earn your respect, your love and maybe if I succeed, one day, your admiration. I don’t know if I made it, because I have a lot of mistakes. But I’ll leave my soul trying. I want it to be clear to you that you will never owe me anything, as some say about their children. “My place and what I have to do is protect you, provide for you, teach you, inspire you, make you strong, cunning, brave, strategist, respectful, charismatic and many, many, many more things,” he continued.

“Woe to the deluded person, or deluded person, who, after what I teach you, is shot at, because I have experienced everything and more… and you will have weapons of all kinds. I know you are here today because I asked you. To my grandfather Kuno. My guardian angel. Your great-grandfather… and now, I come in… he’s tired… but he laughs at me,” he said.

“Alive, or dead, on this plane, or wherever it exists, you will always count on me. Do what you do. Whatever you say. Whether you want me or not, I will always be on your side. As I wrote before. Alive or dead. From any dimension known or yet to be known. From where it touches me, you will always be protected by me”Kuno concluded.

Celebrities congratulate Kuno Becker on his little girl

Although the actor did not reveal the name of his baby, several of his colleagues in the media such as Anahí, Ana Layevska and Mauricio Islasthey sent him messages to congratulate him.

“Dear friend, begin the best journey of your life with that little angel that God gave you to take care of. It is the greatest blessing you can receive. “I love you,” Islas said.

“Congratulations Kuno! It is the most wonderful and challenging thing that exists. Let’s enjoy it in all its fullness,” commented Iran Castillo.

“But how wonderful! “The most beautiful thing in your life begins,” Anahí wrote.

“Congratulations! May it be the beginning of the best journey of your life,” said Ana Layevska.

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