La Casa de los Famosos 4: Controversy after Maripily Rivera’s victory in the leader’s test – El Diario NY

La Casa de los Famosos 4: Controversy after Maripily Rivera’s victory in the leader’s test – El Diario NY

Maripily Rivera won the leader test last night, the tenth competition that we see in the program about this dynamic. The victory assures the Puerto Rican one more week in The House of the Famous 4. This also gives him the right to the suite and obtains one last benefit that he must defend, which consists of the power of salvation.

The “Kraken” dynamic was what gave Maripily Rivera the victory. However, a day after it, social networks have been flooded with videos and arguments that indicate that the production had something more to do with the victory of the current leader, pointing out that one of the locks that she had to open was broken. previously open.

This is the video that many fans have used to point out alleged manipulation of the game.

However, when the image is viewed closely it can be seen that the lock was not open. What’s more, if that had been the case, the chain would have come loose due to its own weight at the moment Maripily raised her hands to make a heart. The weight of it would have dragged the padlock and the chain would have fallen off, which did not happen.

Here the image:

WhatsApp Image 2024 03 27 at 9.37.01 AM
Capture image of the test of the tenth test of the leader of La Casa de los Famosos 4. / Photo by Telemundo.

On the other hand, the padlock that they claim was open was the last one that Maripily released. The only reason the Puerto Rican won over Aleska was because the Venezuelan stood up and anxiety got the better of her. It was easier to continue sitting to loosen each of the bracelets from her hands and feet than to stand balancing on one foot, as the inhabitant of the water room did.

It is important to understand that the arbitrary accusations made by the fanaticism that one may have towards one or another famous person should not prevent us from seeing everything that happens around us objectively. Today, the program has a space in which each play is repeated, on a giant screen, in order to see exactly if someone wins fairly and without cheating.

There are other videos where many claim that “La Jefa” can be exposed giving instructions to Maripily on how to carry out this dynamic. But to begin with, this moment could be seen on 24/7 and “La Jefa” was not speaking in Maripily’s ear, precisely. This means that anyone who was either in the fourth fire, on the terrace or with said inhabitant in the closet would have been able to hear the explanation, which had already been provided in the room for all the famous people.

That is to say, it cannot be considered “cheating” to ask something out loud and have “The Boss” answer you out loud. It would be different if Maripily were called to the confessional and given private instructions there, something that has not been seen and that at the moment we could not argue either.

In summary, Maripily’s victory according to the captured images and the video itself demonstrate that “the Puerto Rican hurricane” won this competition and is the new leader legitimately.

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