Vinicius’ controversial attitude in Brazil against Spain that caused many moments of tension – La Opinion

Vinicius’ controversial attitude in Brazil against Spain that caused many moments of tension – La Opinion

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In each and every one of the matches between Brazil and Real Madrid, Vinicius Jr. He will always be a man that everyone will follow quite closely and will be attentive to even the smallest thing and normally the forward is always the protagonist in extra-football issues since it is a constant that the young player easily loses his temper and usually reacts in a explosive in situations that can be considered provocation against their rivals.

The friendly match between Brazil and Spain that took place at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium It was the venue that hosted a strong confrontation between ‘Vini’ and Aymeric Laporte in what was a 3-goal tie between both national teams.

The worst side of the Rio striker

The images show when the Real Madrid player took advantage of a situation where the game was stopped to charge with his right arm, apparently for no reason against the back of the central defender, who immediately turned around due to said action and pushed Vinicius away, while they began to engage in a strong argument.

Rodri arrived and tried to calm down this tense exchange between both players, but the situation continued on social networks since the Al Nassr player of the Saudi Pro League would let his feelings and thoughts be known without holding back with his writing:

Rodri tried to calm down that tense crossing on the field game, but things continued on social networks because the Al Nassr player left his feelings unfiltered.

Laporte reposted a publication with a recent phrase said by Vinicius at a press conference prior to the friendly match between Spain and Brazil: “I just want to play football.” In that message, the Spanish player added an opinion of what happened in an ironic tone: “Maybe he wanted to dance…?” The message was accompanied by several emoticons that made reference to her letter and included a smiling face. The message clearly indicates that Vinicius makes the decision to celebrate his goals on different occasions with movements, which is why the motto has become popular: “Dance, Vini, dance…”.

Is the Brazilian a victim and a victimizer?

Vinicius has been singled out for his attitudes against fans or opposing players with violent reactions, but also by being a clear target for rival kicks, as well as receiving racist insults from the stands.

In fact, Real Madrid denounced the referee, Juan Martínez Munuera, a few days ago.before the Disciplinary Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) for “omitting insults” to his figure “as a consequence of the negligent writing of the referee’s report” of the match played against Osasuna on March 16.

This motivated the response of the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA): “The aforementioned club alludes to a series of warnings made by its players about shouting or chants by the public against Vinicius. We must clarify that, once the audios of the match have been reviewed, we do not hear any indication from any Real Madrid player regarding this issue.”

Vinicius and racism: the daily life of the Brazilian

“I thank all the Spanish players who are always supporting me. Not only in SpainThere is a lot of racism everywhere. More and more many have shown me their support. I hope that in the future this will become less and less and there will be fewer people who go through this. I’ve been watching this for a long time, and I feel more and more sad, and I have less and less will to play. Nobody is supporting me.”

In the press conference prior to the match against his green and yellow team, Vinicius had the following statements: “Receiving insults is something quite sad, it is something that happens here in every game, every day. Every complaint of mine makes me very sad. But like all the ‘blacks’ in the world… It’s sad. This is something that is happening… Not only in Spain, but also in the world… It also happened to my father, they chose a white man over a black man. It is something that I notice, and I fight because they have chosen me… I fight so that in the near future it does not happen to anyone again.”

“Playing football is very important, but the fight against racism is very important. Let people of color have a normal life. If this were the case, I would go to my club’s games focused only on playing. All I want is to keep playing and for everyone to have a normal life. With each complaint I feel worse, but I have to appear here and show my face. I have asked for help from UEFA, FIFA, Conmebol, CBF… which are large groups and can fight against that. The problem that exists in Spain is that racism is not a crime,” he stated at the time with tears in his eyes and feeling quite affected.

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