La Casa de los Famosos 4: La Divaza cries for the hard coexistence with Maripily in the fourth earth – El Diario NY

La Casa de los Famosos 4: La Divaza cries for the hard coexistence with Maripily in the fourth earth – El Diario NY

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There are two theories about La Divaza’s tears in La Casa de los Famosos 4. The first, according to Rodrigo Romeh in the fourth land, is related to the return of Maripily Rivera. Let’s remember that last week “the Puerto Rican hurricane” left the room because he won the leader’s test. Benefit that offers him sleeping in the suite with a companion of his choice.

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This meant a victory for Lupillo Rivera, Ariadna Gutiérrez, Romeh, Clovis Nienow and La Divaza, because they slept without the presence of the person who decided to leave their group and family and who also minutes after announcing that he was no longer part of their team nominated to one of its leaders: Guadalupe Rivera.

However, this time of grace has already passed and now Maripily returned to her room. Rodrigo commented that when he saw La Divaza so bad, he promised him that if he won the leader’s test next week, he would go up to the suite with him. But she also promised to train with him every day to encourage him and not let him fall into conflicts with the Puerto Rican.

Here is the video with this conversation:

Having stated the above, we have the second theory, which comes from the public. Fans believe that La Divaza’s discomfort has not only to do with Maripily and his return to the fourth land, but also with the way he is now playing his team. Many believe that La Divaza would prefer to make peace and stop fighting, shouting and machinations.

That said, I can understand messages or comments that seek to follow that argument. However, La Divaza is also playing and even though at times everything that happens with Maripily Rivera bothers him, it is also true that he proposes strategies and nominations. Now, possibly what the Venezuelan needs is a visit from her great friends: “La Jose” and “La Conra”, so that they can inject her with that encouragement that she so desperately needs.

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