La Opinión Hoy: “I have never bet on baseball or sports”, Ohtani – La Opinión

La Opinión Hoy: “I have never bet on baseball or sports”, Ohtani – La Opinión


The controversy quickly came to the race with the Dodgers and Shohei Ohtani, the athlete with the largest contract in history and who was involved in a betting scandalin which his close translator Ippei Mizuhara made illegal bets on sporting events until he fell into a brutal debt that required financial help from Ohtani, at least that was what he said at first because he later changed the story by ensuring that Ohtani knew about all these movements.

To comment on this hot topic we connected with our colleague Ricardo López Juárez, sports editor of La Opinión who is always close to the Dodgers, and who was at the press conference in which Ohtani, who basically said that he did nothing .

“It is news that has gone around the planet because Shohei is the most famous baseball player in the world, an incredible player, the new version of Babe Ruth, pbut at this moment all that is overshadowed by the scandal“There are many questions and at least Shohei has already broken the silence and how curious that Shohei’s first big event in the Dodgers uniform is to talk about this scandal,” said Ricardo López Juárez.

Ohtani showed up to this meeting with 80 or 90 reporters in a small press room and arrived alone with Dave Roberts, at his side with the manager, the general manager of the Dodgers, Andrew Friedman, with the club’s president of operations Brandon Gomes and Stan Kasten, “all of them with faces, because of great expectation they looked very tense and that attention was felt in this room, but Ohtani super calm, super calm, very confident and I personally never saw him hesitate, I saw him very sure of what he said and what Ohtani said, surely people have already heard about it, is that he has never bet on sports, that his then friend Ippei Mizuhara lied to him and begged him,” the journalist explained.

López Juárez pointed out that “the issue is that the same questions remain as before, How can someone steal from your bank account and transfer millions of dollars to someone who runs an underground gambling ring? It is not easy and it is difficult to imagine that someone could get into Shohei’s bank account and transfer so much money, first achieve it, because you know that there are a series of security filters and we are talking about large amounts and then it is difficult to imagine that no one would notice. “I realized that they were sending those large amounts of money from their bank account, that was not talked about, Ohtani of course did not give details on that issue.”

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