Lambda García was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and was “stuck” – El Diario NY

Lambda García was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and was “stuck” – El Diario NY

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Lambda García revealed in a recent interview that his attention deficit diagnosis has been something that has affected his life significantly. The actor admitted that for years he had been experiencing symptoms such as lack of concentration, impulsivity and difficulties organizing his thoughts, until the moment he decided to seek professional help.

“It’s attention deficit disorder. It is more common than people think; Many of us, in the average population, have a lot of attention deficit, it just manifests itself in different ways; It is a very broad spectrum. You can be very distracted or you can forget things, you can not pay attention: there are many variants. I was diagnosed with a deficiency a few years ago. I was stuffed, nothing bad. I think that the pill and the medicine don’t hurt you at all; In fact, it helps you, it concentrates you a little more,” he mentioned in an interview on the ‘De Primera Mano’ program.

Finally, after noticing that his problem was affecting his life, he preferred to go to a specialist who diagnosed him with the disorder and prescribed medication to help him manage it. Garcia shared that she has had to make adjustments to his lifestyle and daily routine to deal with his condition, but that he has found significant improvement since he started treatment.

“I knew, with my particular illness, I am more scattered; I’m always lazymy grandmother would say, and I don’t focus. Maybe I’m reading a text, but I’m already thinking about buying ham and beans and I think ‘the building is really nice’; That’s a type of attention deficit. The important thing is to check yourself, go to the doctor; They make you endless written studies; (also) they see you, they check you,” she added.

The actor also highlighted the importance of talking about mental health and stigmatizing disorders such as attention deficit disorder, since they affect many people around the world. Furthermore, he invited others who are going through similar situations to seek help and not be afraid to talk openly about their problems.

My doctor and I made the decision to stop the medication. to be able to get from Lambda with medication to Lambda without medication and that is great. If at some point I need it again I will use it again, I am not fighting with it,” he added.

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