American VISA: What should you AVOID from posting on social media if you want to be approved?

American VISA: What should you AVOID from posting on social media if you want to be approved?


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Considered one of the most demanding procedures of this 2024, the American visa has proven to be one of the most requested, and believe it or not, in an era where social networks play one of the papers most important in all aspects, it could also directly affect your application of this highly essential document to enter USA, So be very careful with publishing what we are going to present to you below as it could cost you the entire process.

It is important to mention that the American visa It is a document that is requested by the authorities of the american union to have control of the people who enter and how long they stay in their territory, measures that have been increasingly reinforced as a result of the large amount of migrants who are looking to enter the country illegally, so it is important that you keep this in mind if you find yourself in the middle of your application.

And it is that in the midst of the evolution and transformation that the American visafrom the moment you fill out the form, you are asked about social networks, in addition to the personal information of the applicantso it is evident that digital platforms are previously reviewed by the immigration authorities and taken into account to issue or deny the privilege to have such identification.

But the information What we are going to present to you, is one of the points that you must take completely into account is that there is an issue that you should not publish within your social networks, Well, even if it is as part of memes or something that cannot be funny to us, the authorities can completely end the Procedureand it is about terrorist thoughts.

Why can I be denied a US visa for terrorist thoughts?

Although for many it is a fairly obvious issue, there are those who have spoken out against the authorities Americans get into something as intimate as the social networks in search of a ‘pretext’ to deny the request, but this issue is one of the most delicate in the midst of the crisis of wars and violence that we live today, reasons why USA has decided to take into account.

Be careful, it is important to mention that the researchers of each applicant American visa They do not evaluate the type of content you publish from a moral perspective such as memes, songs, or even infidelities or something like that, but rather the investigation It is for security reasons, reasons for which it recommends that applicants should avoid any link with ideologies, territories and people who live in qualified areas by USA as “controlled by radical groups”this may mean a risk in the continuity of the procedure.


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