Laura Bozzo said that she experienced an attempted robbery on the highway

Laura Bozzo said that she experienced an attempted robbery on the highway

The famous Laura Bozzo denounced that they tried to rob her on the highway. “They destroyed my car,” explained the Peruvian, who was shocked by the unfortunate episode and assured that her car was destroyed when trying to flee from criminals.

«They wanted to assault me ​​on the Carretera del Sol, on the way to Acapulco, they put tires to cause accidents or throw stones from the bridges and the police are conspicuous by their absence. Thank God I was able to get to Chilpancingo but they destroyed my car, with terror,” Bozzo publicly denounced on his Twitter account.

The television presenter said she was frustrated by the absence of the authorities. Also, she took advantage of her writing to thank everyone who cared about her.

«How can it be possible that there is no security on the Autopista del Sol before there was police now nothing is no man’s land we are exposed to crime go through the worst experience. Thanks to Aaron (the driver) we didn’t stop but I’m in a state of panic. Thank you, Mr. Jesus, for freeing me from being robbed. There was not a single police officer, no one to help us, and we were several victims. If something like this happens to them, do not stop, they put tires on the track, they cause accidents to steal the worst and nobody cares on the road (sic) », were his words.


“I really am all beaten up, but we managed to pass by three more cars that went through the same thing and on the right there were men, I don’t know if they were armed for the hour you spend there to assault you,” Laura told through an audio sent to the program Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

According to the Peruvian version, after passing Cuernavaca they began to see tires on the road and, although they thought a car had dropped it, later on they saw another larger trailer tire that they could not avoid.

«I remember that we were talking and they had put a trailer tire on the whole track that there was no way to avoid it, but the car suffered an impact when it went through that. The radiator and the entire bottom part broke,” he recounted.

After the incident, the Mexican authorities contacted the same social network to offer their assistance and support. «Dear Laura Bozzo, the Government of Guerrero makes guidance and advisory services available to you in case you wish to make a formal complaint and expand the information on the facts. We inform you that the joint security operations between the Secretary of Public Security of Guerrero, the National Guard and federal authorities are reinforced during these holiday periods, “she pointed out.

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