Leticia Calderón congratulates Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto after rumors that they are already parents – El Diario NY

Leticia Calderón congratulates Fernando Colunga and Blanca Soto after rumors that they are already parents – El Diario NY

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The actress Leticia Calderon took the opportunity to congratulate Fernando Colungasince it has been said that he recently became a father alongside Blanca Soto.

“Through the cameras I want to congratulate him and Blanca, how wonderful if it is true, what happiness! I’m sure it’s going to be a great dad because he is a great companion, always very committed to his health, to his physique, to his work and then surely as a father he will be the same.”

Leticia also shared that she spoke with Victoria Ruffo to congratulate her because she will soon become a grandmother and affirms that she is very excited, but remembers that the actress already knew that her son, José Eduardo Derbez, would become a father when they met at the premiere of the film “El Roomie.”

“They already knew there, but they didn’t say it, he was with Maribel (Guardia) and Victoria (Ruffo). Maribel said that she there she told Victoria that I was going to be a grandmother.

Since I found out, I immediately messaged him and he said yes, he was very happy. She already invited me to the baby shower, so we’ll see you there.”

The soap opera villain assures that she is excited to become a grandmother and remembers a conversation she had with her son Carlo about girlfriends.

“Of course I would like to (be a grandmother). In fact, I tell Carlo ‘you haven’t introduced me to any girlfriend’ and he says ‘no mom, be worried when I introduce her to you because she’s already going to come pregnant’, she said, laughing.

Leticia arrived accompanied by her son Luciano to the red carpet of the play “If You Were Him”, where the press sang “Las Mañanitas” to the young man because he recently turned 20, and the actress boasted that she was so close to her first-born that they even understood each other just by looking at each other.

“The truth is that we do get along very well, we have a lot of complicity. We already understand each other even with our eyes, we know each other very well, (he asks Luciano) How do I do when I get angry? (and he responds by making gestures).”

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