Let’s talk about “Consuelo”, the new original comedy from ViX, which will premiere on April 19 – El Diario NY

Let’s talk about “Consuelo”, the new original comedy from ViX, which will premiere on April 19 – El Diario NY

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“Consuelo” is the new ViX series, which everyone will be talking about next April 19, the day we will see its premiere, on the famous streaming platform in Spanish that this year has also allowed us to see the second season of “Mujeres Asesinas”. TelevisaUnivision has confirmed that the cast of “Consuelo” is made up of: Cassandra Sánchez Navarro, Erick Chapa, Eileen Yáñez, Lincoln Palomeque, Verónica Bravo, and Catherine Siachoque.

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If we have to describe this new production, we can say that the series is a combination of drama and comedy that exposes the life of a woman in the 50s, who also belongs to Mexican high society. Unfortunately, her circumstances are pressing for the time because she has been abandoned by her husband.

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This will lead her to look for ways to get ahead without him, which is why she must take the reins of her destiny, but this not only includes satisfying her basic needs, this will also lead her to look for a way to be the owner of her own pleasure, this will lead her to sell sex toys.

ViX explains that this series “combines the conflicts of classic melodrama with the self-confidence of modern comedy to address current themesmagnified by the particular historical and moral context of the time, just before the beginning of the Sexual Revolution, turning Consuelo into a unique mix of relevance, irreverence and entertainment.

Regarding the production, TelevisaUnivision highlights that “Consuelo” was created by Juan Carlos Aparicio Schlesinger and Mateo Stivelberg and has Catalina Figueroa as producer, Catalina Porto as executive producer and Kenya Márquez directs the series.

The rest of the main cast of this serial is made up of the following actors: Sofía Monarrez, Camila Nuñez, Alexander Ventosa, Essined Aponte, Paula Barreto, Yuri Vargas, Ana Celeste Montalvo and Mario Ruiz.

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