Lucero reveals the reason why she prefers to stay away from alcohol – El Diario NY

Lucero reveals the reason why she prefers to stay away from alcohol – El Diario NY

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Lucero confessed that he does not like alcohol and prefers other options. She also shared that she likes to enjoy a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine occasionally, but prefers to stay away from alcohol in general. In addition, she added that she prefers to lead a healthy and balanced life, taking care of her diet and exercising regularly.

I’m not such a fan, it didn’t take much, before it took much less. I lasted years without drinking a single drop of alcohol, I was totally abstemious, I never liked it, it never caught my attention, I never drank as a kid,” he began by saying in an Instagram broadcast he made.

This revelation surprised many of her followers, who admired her discipline and willpower in staying away from alcohol for so long.

“I don’t know if it was because of the vibe of saying: ‘I want to have an incredible race, I want to have a long duration, I want to prepare, I want to be in my five senses, I want to live life, I don’t want to spend it asleep’”he shared on the camera’s social network.

Lucero’s words served to show a more human and sincere side of the actress, who is not afraid to share her personal experiences and vulnerabilities with her followers. Without a doubt, this detail caused a profound impact among those who admire her and follow her career closely.

It’s not like everyone in my house drinks. My parents drank socially, but I never liked to drink. When I was very old I began to drink, yes, a wine, then red wine at one time, I didn’t like it anymore (I liked it), I had a small glass and it tasted very strong. “Sometimes I drink tequila, sometimes I drink a mixed drink, like an Aperol, or an ST Germain, things like that, but I’m not a person who drinks often or who needs to drink to get the vibe,” he said.

The 54-year-old Mexican did not want to end the topic without first adding: “Or before a show she says: ‘I’m going to have a tequilita to warm up my voice’, the truth is that no, never, especially when I work, there is no way for me to have a drink, or eggnog, if I am going to sing, if I am going to act, if I am going to drive.”

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