How to eliminate mice from your house with baking soda?

How to eliminate mice from your house with baking soda?

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Almost no one is safe from the presence of some small mouse or rat in the home and these elusive animals can sneak through very small spaces into our house. Sometimes the degree of cleanliness we maintain in the home is not related to the appearance of these uncomfortable visitors; there are homes, restaurants or facilities where they have been found. mice despite maintaining high degrees of hygiene.

Of course, maintaining cleanliness in the home is imperative, beyond the presence of these restless animals, maintaining order so that they do not build nests or homes is the best option. In case you find any trace of a mouse In your residence you must take quick measures to put an end to them since these animals have a great capacity to reproduce.

If this could happen, your house could become a place inhabited by the mice and could become a plague difficult to control, which is why it is essential to look for alternatives that allow you to keep them away from your home permanently. Today we share with you the ideal way to keep these crawling animals away from your home so that they do not become a source of infection for your family.

Repel mice with baking soda

On the market there are different chemical products specially designed to eliminate rats and its little mice, however, although it is necessary to eliminate this problem from the roots in order to control it and prevent it from becoming a plague There are alternatives that some people consider a bit aggressive or cruel. Therefore, we share with you a totally natural alternative to eliminate mice from your house.

Eliminate mice from your house with this totally safe and natural recipe that is also not dangerous in case you have free pets in your home. To prepare this recipe you need: 2 tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate1 tablespoon of flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, a container. Place the baking soda measure in the container, add the tablespoon of flour and then the sugar and mix the ingredients perfectly well.

Place a little of this mixture in the corners where you have noticed the presence of micethey will be in charge of consuming the mixture, if they run out you will have to add a little more until you notice the results. Try this simple recipe that will help you eliminate mice with totally natural ingredients like baking soda and controls this plague soon.

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