Lupillo Rivera ignores Telemundo and talks to Despierta América about the lawsuit against Maripily – El Diario NY

Lupillo Rivera ignores Telemundo and talks to Despierta América about the lawsuit against Maripily – El Diario NY

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Lupillo Rivera it came out of The House of the Famous 4 as the third place in this competition, taking with him the $50,000 dollar prize. However, “El Toro del Corrido” did not want to speak with any Telemundo media and hours after the grand finale of this reality show, the singer opened up with Despierta América, a morning show on Despierta América, a Telemundo competition.

In a link from Los Angeles, the interpreter spoke with the hosts of the show, who showed that they also watched the successful Telemundo reality show.

Regarding having come out with third place in La Casa de los Famoso 4, the singer told Alan Tacher that that is up to the publicand suggests that he is not entirely sure that their decision was reflected at the end of it. “I am very calm and very satisfied. I won many things, I taught the faith again to several of them and little by little I achieved that. That is more important than anything else,” said the singer.

Maripily’s victory

About Maripily’s victory, Jomari Goyso intervened by asking him if he believed that “El Huracán Boricua” is not the winner by public votes. “No, I don’t know. I know that Maripily with the votes of Puerto Rico is very strong. “If it was his turn to win, then it was his turn to win,” said “El Toro del Corrido.”

Raul Gonzalez He also intervened in the conversation, asking the third place winner two questions. First he wanted to know about the best and worst things that he experienced inside the house and lastly if he was going to monetize the oil that he used so much in the competition. “Look, as I tell you, I entered with an attitude of being the winner, I made my mark in all aspects… The truth is, I was very satisfied and I know that it was a good job because there are four offers on the table there,” answered the Mexican.

Will there be demand?

Francisca Lachapel, for her part, was even more direct and asked him about all the negative accusations that fell against him, to find out if in fact he will initiate any legal action as he mentioned within the house, due to the issue of defamation. Lupillo Rivera, laughing, said: “We are talking to a legal team to find out if we can take that action. Many things were said for me and I am very happy with what I did.”

The hosts of Despierta América actually watched the show because they even wanted to know if he had fallen in love with them. Thalí García and/or Ariadna Gutiérrez as was said at the time. “I never fell in love with Thalí, she is a married woman, a woman with principles. And Ari, she was a woman that I was courting, but it is a situation that we have to avoid,” Guadalupe Rivera said with a laugh.

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