Madonna gives details of her near-death experience in full concert – El Diario NY

Madonna gives details of her near-death experience in full concert – El Diario NY


Singer Madonna shared some details about the experience On the verge of death that she experienced last summer as a result of a serious bacterial infection, which took her to the hospital and also left her some life lessons.

During one of the concerts of her ‘Celebration World Tour’, which she offered at The Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, the 65-year-old star described what it was like to be in a medically induced coma.

“It was a strange thing, finally, not feeling like I was in control. I have fallen from many horses and broken many bones. I have a titanium hip. I mean, the list goes on and on, but nothing can stop me“he told the audience.

“My experience was near death, yeah, I’m not kidding. It was quite terrifying. Obviously, I didn’t know for four days because I was in an induced coma, but when I woke up, lThe first word I said was ‘no’is what my assistant says.”

“I’m pretty sure it was God saying to me, ‘Do you want to come? Do you want to go up with me?’ And my answer was ‘No,’ said the interpreter.

Madonna also highlighted the love and support that her children gave her during that difficult time.

“My children are the ones who really helped me get ahead, because they worked very hard and… I didn’t want to disappoint them. So I just set a date and that date became a reality. And I didn’t want to disappoint my fans either,” he added.

It was in June of last year when Madonna was hospitalized after being found unconscious in her New York home, she was intubated and was even in intensive care due to an infection. Her condition was serious, which scared her millions of followers.

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