If Geraldine Bazán is the winner of ‘La Casa De Los Famosos’, she would not win the biggest prize – El Diario NY

If Geraldine Bazán is the winner of ‘La Casa De Los Famosos’, she would not win the biggest prize – El Diario NY

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‘La Casa de los Famosos’ in its fourth season continues to give many surprises and two new members recently joined and they are Patricia Corcino and the outstanding actress Geraldine Bazán, a fact that undoubtedly generated great excitement in the audience that has gathered. kept attentive.

However, there is a small detail with them and the rest of the participants who enter the house this week, because If they are winners, they will not be able to enjoy the sum of $200,000 dollars and it is all because they have not been there since the competition began, just as those who have been there since January 23 did.

Jimena Gállego is one of the hosts of the renowned program and through the YouTube channel she mentioned that all the new ones have a disadvantage compared to the rest and it is an economic situation: “They have a discount on the obvious prize, they are not given the entire prize, but it is like for the days you are there. The math is done, then.”

Their words are not new, although many may simply not remember it and everything is based on their days as inhabitants: “They earn a proportion of the prize for the time they were there. We said it when Samira came in and when Diego (Samira Jalil and Diego Soldano, in the third season) came in, nothing more than because they didn’t win, it wasn’t explained again.”

On this occasion everything has turned out to be a bit scandalous with the escape of Thalí García, the departure of Gregorio Pernía and the expulsion of Carlos Gómez after having attacked one of his fellow contestants.

Fans of the reality show are eager to see how Geraldine and Patricia will fare in La Casa de los Famosos and what impact they will have on the course of the program. Only time will tell what surprises the arrival of these two new members has in store for us.

In the first season, Alicia Machado was the winner, in the second Ivonne Montero and in the third Madison Anderson.

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