Marc Anthony pays “divorce insurance” in case he separates from Nadia Ferreira – El Diario NY

Marc Anthony pays “divorce insurance” in case he separates from Nadia Ferreira – El Diario NY

After having suffered three divorces in his life, Mark Anthony He seems to have learned a lot from each one to become an extremely cautious man. And according to various international media, the Latin singer would be paying “divorce insurance” in case he separates, in the future, from his current wife. Nadia Ferreira.

As revealed, Mark Anthony He is “paying” an undisclosed amount to “insurance” that would come into “action” if he decided to separate from the current mother of his child. It should be noted that within the prenuptial agreement that he signed with the Paraguayan woman, there is a clause that “obliges” the interpreter of “Now Who” to “pay” $25 thousand dollars to Ferreira for “long-term spousal support.”

This amount, according to the information revealed, would be intended to ensure the social status of the South American supermodel.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony posing.
Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony revealed the face of their first child on social networks.
Credit: Mezcalo

Marc Anthony “gets ahead”

In the same clause, it is mentioned that the $25 thousand dollars that the singer sent to Nadia Ferreira If they separate, they would no longer be delivered until the Paraguayan woman remarries.

According to the reports issued so far, the action of Mark Anthony is focused on “reducing” the blow that his fortune could suffer if he separated from the model.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony posing.

It is worth mentioning that these types of clauses are extremely common among celebrity couples or marriages and in those where one member has a much greater fortune than the other.

In the case of Anthony and Ferreirait has been revealed that the interpreter of “Punta Cana” has a fortune of more than $80 million dollars. Meanwhile, the Paraguayan model boasts a purse of nearly $5 million dollars thanks to her relationship with various high fashion brands.

It is also important to highlight that in addition to the $25 thousand dollars that Anthony would deliver to Ferreiraan amount of between $13,000 and $26,000 would be added for support for their child. Due to the above, the actor would also be “disbursing” between $38 thousand to $51 thousand dollars per month to Ferreira and your child in case of divorce.

Currently, the Latin artist has various agreements with his former partners. In the case of Dayanara Torreswith whom he had two children, the singer gives about $27,000 a month to the model in addition to $18,000 a month to his two children.

With Shannon Limawhom she divorced in 2017, Anthony He paid about $10,000 a month to the celebrity for 3 years. Finally. With Jennifer Lopezthe singer does not provide any support, however, and after the divorce with the singer, he “disbursed” nearly $10 million dollars to the actress for the support of his children.

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