Paris Hilton shows her daughter London’s face for the first time – El Diario NY

Paris Hilton shows her daughter London’s face for the first time – El Diario NY


Although the socialite Paris Hilton She is known for always exposing her private life, this was not the case with the arrival of her two children, Phoenix, 11 months old, and London, who was born in November of last year. Just a few weeks ago, the businesswoman and her husband, Carter Reum, announced that they had become parents of the little girl and only in the last few hours They decided to show their face for the first time.

Through her Instagram account, in which she has accumulated 26.4 million followers, the blonde presented her baby with a series of family images.

“Introducing London Marilyn Hilton-Reum. I have dreamed of having a daughter named London for as long as I can remember.. I’m so grateful you’re here. I truly appreciate every moment I spend with her. “Along with Phoenix, my angel babies have shown me a love I didn’t even know could run so deep before I became her mother,” she began.

She continued: “My incredible journey through motherhood has inspired a deeply personal new song with my dear friend Sia called ‘Fame Won’t Love You.’ The song serves as a reminder that the special bond I feel with my children, my husband and my family is more valuable than anything else in the world. It’s an anthem that will empower you to keep your most sacred relationships even closer to your heart – whether with your family, friends or yourself. I hope you like it as much as I do. It would mean a lot to me if you heard it.”


In addition to 1.5 million likes, the 43-year-old singer and model garnered thousands of comments.

“Beautiful”, “London is perfect like its brother!”; “Congratulations!!!! And you’re absolutely right. Reach out to your loved ones and hold them tight”; “God bless you all” and “The most beautiful family. “I’m so happy you found your soulmate Paris… Welcome to the world baby London,” were just a few of them.

It should be remembered that a few months ago, the hotel heiress told why she preferred to keep her family planning away from the cameras and even without providing details to her relatives, whom she told about London on Thanksgiving.

“My life has been very public. “I didn’t want my son to come into this world with any negative energy,” he mentioned in dialogue with Romper. “I’m very glad I did it that way. just so Carter and I could experience that trip together without the outside world intruding”he added.

In addition, she maintained that after Phoenix, she dreamed of becoming the mother of a girl and that is how it happened: “I always imagined my mini-me, putting her in little dresses and all the mommy and me things that we could do together (…) Just having my little best friend.”

Paris Hilton reveals why she preferred a surrogate

Among her revelations, the millionaire told the reason why she decided to become a mother through surrogacy.

“I have a lot of post-traumatic stress, from what I went through as a teenager,” she said regarding the abuse and medical trauma she suffered at a Utah boarding school as a teenager. “If I’m in a doctor’s office, they give me an injection, whatever, I literally have a panic attack and I can’t breathe. I knew it wouldn’t be healthy for me or the grow within someone who has so much anxiety,” he concluded.

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