María Antonieta de las Nieves ‘La Chilindrina’ announces her RETIREMENT from the stage

María Antonieta de las Nieves ‘La Chilindrina’ announces her RETIREMENT from the stage


Without a doubt, one of the most emblematic characters on Mexican television is ‘The chilindrina‘in the program’El Chavo del Ocho“, interpreted by Marie Antoinette of the Snowswho over the years has continued to give life to this girl so characteristic for her freckles and glasses, as well as her dress and sweater and her distinguishable whining that was part of the famous neighborhood.

Despite being a quite popular and beloved character, after several decades, the actress gave strong news to all her fans because she assured that she had already will not continue playing the famous girl and these were his reasons why he made this strong decision.

It should be noted that in addition to saying goodbye to the character of the Chilindrinaeverything indicates that the star will also tell him goodbye to the stage when he finishes his participation in the play called “My Mother’s Eggs,” highlighting that he has worked in the world of entertainment for more than 50 years.

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Why María Antonieta de las Nieves says goodbye to the stage

The actress made the decision mainly to say goodbye to her famous character, as she revealed to the media called ‘El Colombiano’, in addition to also mentioning that she hopes the tour of the play will be long and successful, but for her age it is already more complicated. “I I don’t want to feel sorry to the people, so ‘My Mother’s Eggs’ is going to be the last.”

“I hope it will be a long tour, quite extensive, so, if I am 74 years old, how many more years can I be on stage?” he indicated.

He also referred to what are the reasons why she will stop playing the daughter of ‘Don Ramón’ because she assures that acting now is not the same as when she started doing it at the age of 21 with this character. “This is how I would like to continue doing ‘La Chilindrina’, she was not going to do it with the same enthusiasm and energy of the dances and choreographies.”

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“When I put on the dress, the freckles and I put my ponytails, everything transforms by magic,” she added.


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