Maribel Guardia breaks social networks with a TRANSPARENT dress at 64 years old |  PHOTO

Maribel Guardia breaks social networks with a TRANSPARENT dress at 64 years old | PHOTO


Maribel Guardia She is known for being a happy and jovial woman, who likes to stay current and active even though she is 64 years old. On social networks she is seen dressed in her best clothes on a daily basis, even if she is not working, and this is something that her millions of followers applaud. In one of his most recent photos published received hundreds of compliments, for how good she looks at 64 years old modeling dresses adjusted as if they were 40 years younger.

The last year for Maribel Guardia It has been very difficult and after the loss of his only son, Julián Figueroa, his spirits have been low, despite his efforts to continue with his life and his work. On social media he often posts moving messages dedicated to his son, which makes it clear that his departure 11 months ago has been the most painful blow he has ever gone through. Although, on the other hand, he doesn’t stop publishing his sessions either. photos homemade that everyone loves.

Both her loved ones and her fans support and accompany her during her grieving process, leaving her messages of love on social networks. Whenever the former beauty queen posts something, she receives thousands of reactions and her latest post was no exception. In the photo he is seen posing with a dress transparent skin-tight that shows off his exercised body and how good he looks at 64 years of age. In the description, as usual, he encouraged his followers to have a good day.


The comments section was filled in a few hours with phrases mentioning how beautiful and young she looks. “The most beautiful and sexiest 65 years of the show”, “what a great body! The years don’t pass by you, how amazing!”, “I want to look like that at your age”, “always so beautiful”, “the most beautiful woman since I can remember” and “you are still as beautiful as before”, These are some phrases that can be read on Instagram.


There is no doubt that being active on social networks and working on projects is what has changed the landscape for Maribel Guardia. In addition, she receives strength and love from thousands of Internet users who encourage her to get up every day and see life positively despite the great loss of her son Julián in 2023.

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