Maripily Rivera arrived in Puerto Rico after winning the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

Maripily Rivera arrived in Puerto Rico after winning the reality show ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ – El Diario NY

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Maripily Rivera was received this May 23 in Puerto Rico after she won the reality show ‘The House of Famous People 4’which was broadcast by the Telemundo television network.

With several tributes in which her personality, humor and closeness stood out, the Puerto Rican actress felt the affection of her people, who for four months fervently supported her and that is why she won the $200,000 first prize.

The “Boricua hurricane” traveled from Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and a large number of people were waiting at the air terminal with banners, balloons, and even music.

In images captured by Telemundo, the crowd was seen who were proud of their compatriot, for fighting in the most high-profile competition on Hispanic television in the United States and the island.

Maripily Rivera arrived in Puerto Rico

After this, the winner made several announcements after having lived one of the most important experiences of her career.

For example, Maripily Rivera announced that she will have a play titled ‘Maripily’s House: Anything Goes’ at Bellas Artes, in San Juan. Shortly after, they reported that she was sold out, so they suggested opening another date so that her fans could see her.

Another detail that he shared is that his birthday, June 15, will be celebrated with several of his companions from the Earth room.

The Puerto Rican thanked all the people who supported her on the reality show.

Maripily Rivera explained that the dresses she wore in the 10 nominations she faced will be donated in Ponce. “They are very special to me and I understand that I must donate them to people who need them and give them that strength, energy that you gave me, so I want to donate them to 10 graduating girls who can look beautiful and beautiful in a Maripily dress ”, he commented.

Likewise, she was surprised by all the support they have given her: “I am in shock, I think I am going to cry when I am at home or go out there because I have to get these emotions out, I feel in the clouds, I don’t think so, there are a lot of nice things happening in my life. “I thank God because it was worth suffering, waiting and maturing because the process at home was not easy.”

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