Marjorie de Sousa Gives Away Close Up Of Sweet Wiggle On Cam

Marjorie de Sousa Gives Away Close Up Of Sweet Wiggle On Cam


Marjorie de Sousa gives away close-up of sweet wiggle on camera (Instagram: @marjodesousa)

Marjorie de Sousa Gives Away Close Up Of Sweet Wiggle On Cam | Instagram: @marjodesousa

Despite the fact that Mondays are not the favorite days of most people, the actress Marjorie de Sousa took the beginning of the week with the best attitude and decided to give her followers a wonderful gift on social networks with a clip of video in which she flaunted her skills as a dancer.

Through her Instagram account, the artist usually shares her most special moments with the community of more than 9 million that she has gathered within the entertainment platform, from those in which she reaches a new goal, to the most daily of her daily activities.

on this occasion marjorie desousa surprised with a video clip early in the day in which he prepared to take out his best dance steps to the rhythm of a cumbia song, enjoying the rhythm with every part of his body and letting himself be carried away by the good attitude of the musicians who accompanied her

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Wearing a comfortable set of sportswear, the Venezuelan celebrity left her fans with their mouths open, as she showed that the art of acting is not the only one that is given to her as a professional, because she knows what movements make her followers lose head completely.

As proof of the good reception she had from the users of the famous platform, Marjorie de Sousa was receiving a wave of hearts within the post, as well as hundreds of messages in the comment box, flattering her good physique, as well as the almost magical movements with which he mesmerized.

“Hahaha weeeeeepa!!!”, “I love you, what a beauty”, “And today is my birthday, preciousness”, “I love it”, “Beautiful as always”, “You dance incredibly well”, “An impressive thing”, ” How beautiful with all the attitude”, “That’s what I like about her”, “What Julián got”, “Actress, Singer, Dancer and Model! Beautiful and Talented”, expressed her fans.

At the bottom of the publication, the beautiful actress from ‘El Conde: amor y honor’ left a brief sentence, but one that manages to spread her good attitude towards this week of activities, referring to the lyrics of the song that is heard from where in the video clip.

It’s Monday and the body knows it… come on, come on”, it was possible to read

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