Marjorie De Sousa is devastated by the death of producer Nicandro Díaz – El Diario NY

Marjorie De Sousa is devastated by the death of producer Nicandro Díaz – El Diario NY

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Marjorie De Sousa, Venezuelan actress, attended the funeral of producer Nicandro Díaz, who died on March 18 due to a jet ski accident.

In a conversation with the press, published by some reporters such as Edén Dorantes, the artist lamented the death of the brain behind successful soap operas.

“I don’t even know what I’m saying, I’m like in shock, stunned, I arrived a long time ago and seeing him there I don’t know what to say. A while ago I said that thanks to him I am here in Mexico, I returned, I returned through the front door in a wonderful project that I will be grateful for all my life and from now on all the projects I do I will dedicate to him,” he claimed.

In the statement, the villain of successful soap operas also commented: “He has been like a father to me, when I was alone here in Mexico he was always on the lookout, he always did many things not only for me and gave me many opportunities, but for many of us.”

In his opinion, what he did with many artists helped him have a path with God. “I am going to love him forever and I don’t want to believe that he is no longer in this life because I don’t believe.”

Marjorie De Sousa’s message

Marjorie de Sousa stated that even though they faced difficult times, she always encouraged them to keep going.

“There were very stressful moments in the Sofia in the World project because what happened happened and we were all very tired and despite everything he always had a smile,” stood out.

The Venezuelan remembered the producer as a person with a lot of character, but who always had the right words for those rough moments.

He indicated that he received the news of the death when he was catching a flight to Cancun, something that made him immediately change his plans and manage to see him to say goodbye.

“I didn’t even have a chance to land because I found out in the middle of the flight,” he said.

Her son Matías, seeing her so sad, asked her what happened and told her that it was better to cry in the car, according to the artist.

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