Matías Novoa celebrates the pregnancy of his wife Michelle Renaud

Matías Novoa celebrates the pregnancy of his wife Michelle Renaud

Riviera Nayarit.- In the middle of recording his new project for Televisa and with a big smile, Matias Novoa shared the news that soon He will become a dad for the second time.

It was through social networks that his wife Michelle Renaud35, published a photograph where she revealed that they are both sweetly expecting their first child together, which confirmed the rumors from a few months ago.

“The time has come to tell everyone, to the public who are suddenly desperate because we don’t count. It was a moment for us, we also wanted certain months to pass, for the baby to be well. and now it is inevitable that it will be told, Mich also has his belly, you can see it, I think it is the right time,” Novoa stated in an interview, from a location in Nayarit.

The 43-year-old actor assured that it will be at the end of June when they will welcome a new member to their family, which is currently made up of Michelle Renaud, her son Marcelo, 6 years old, as well as Novoa’s son, Axel, 12 years old.

“Both (their respective children) took the news very well, Marcelo will be a very protective child with his brother, he gets along with many children, I think he will be a very good brother just like Axel, who is the oldest,” shared the Chilean. .

Having an approximate of four months of gestationfor both of them it is inevitable to go through certain symptoms, in fact, the protagonist commented that he has also had some cravings and extreme fatigue.

“I have been very sleepy, also a lot of cravings, this thing about the fact that the father does not feel, yes, he does feel a lot, there is a proven study that the symptoms are passed on to the partner due to the hormones and since I am always attached to Mich, I All of his symptoms happened to me.

“I was craving strange things, a lot of chili for example. The same thing that happened to her happened to me, yes I do eat sauces, but not so much jalapenos and right now yes, I even bite them,” she said.

The couple, who got married on December 9, seeks to be by each other’s side at all times. That is why, now that New It is found in the recordings of the melodrama Marea de Pasiones, produced by Giselle González, He asked Renaud to be with him in Nayarit, where they revealed the news.

“The only thing I want is to be with her, I think the man’s instinct for protection came to me, I want to be with her, pamper her, protect her and now every time I have had to film on the beach, everyone who can also comes with me to share this process.

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“The Sunday we shared the news was very nice, we were on the beach, in a very quiet place, with a lot of peace, we spent a hard week recording, I needed to rest and what better than with them,” said the actor.

Marea de Pasiones will premiere on March 4, at 9:30 p.m., on Las Estrellas.

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