Who are the “Sephora Kids”?  The trend among girls that causes alarm

Who are the “Sephora Kids”? The trend among girls that causes alarm

Sephora is a beauty, skin care and perfume store, with a presence in many countries, including Mexico, which is recently experiencing a phenomenon that has become relevant on social networks: “Sephora Kids.”

The above refers to girls, generally under 13 years of age, who enter stores with the aim of try and purchase products that are not suitable for your agesuch as anti-wrinkle creams, to prevent aging or makeup.

Some Sephora salesmen and women They have uploaded videos where they claim that this phenomenon is true and that there are more and more girls asking their parents to buy them products that are not suitable for boys’ and girls’ skin.

In addition, the people who run these establishments also comment that some of the “Sephora Kids“, they mess up and destroy some products as a “tantrum”, as long as their parents buy them what they ask for, even if it is not suitable for them.

Comments on social networks argue that this situation falls on the upbringing of parents and what girls consume on platforms like TikTokwhere they see influencers recommending certain products.

Likewise, there are some people who are specialists in skin care, warning about the use of products that are not suitable for minors, as some of them could have negative effects on such young skin.

“You don’t need them, of course, but your references are teenagers who appear on TokTok doing GRWM” and “It’s not bad that they have skincare but oapás should check with a dermatologist that the products are appropriate for their age and needs,” are some comments from people on social networks.

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In this regard, some mothers of the “Sephora Kids“They have also argued on social networks that there is nothing wrong with minors seeking to take care of their skin, although it is important to explain to them and buy products that are appropriate for their age.

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