Matías Novoa’s ex-wife, Isabella Castillo, says: “A breakup cannot define you” – El Diario NY

Matías Novoa’s ex-wife, Isabella Castillo, says: “A breakup cannot define you” – El Diario NY

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Dressed in a sleeveless brown dress, Isabella Castillo shares details of her participation in the ninth season of “The Lord of the Skies 9a Telemundo production, which is airing in the United States. Upon seeing her, it was impossible not to ask her about the significant scar she has on her left shoulder, the same one left by her participation in the series “Malverde,” according to her account.

Is there anything that your character Diana Ahumada has taught you?
Yes, in the way he reacts to things. Yes, it is something that teaches me about everything and it has nothing to do with breakups, I think there are stronger and more important things in life than a breakup, especially in the life of a woman.

A breakup cannot define you, a relationship does not have to define you or end your life much less. “We are better than that and if we want to find someone else we can do it whenever we want,”

Isabella Castillo,


Do you have a partner now?
Yes, yes, I’m starting something nice, but anyway, I’m living the process and enjoying the process.

What happened to your shoulder? (he has a large scar on his left shoulder)
Yes, in “Malverde” – a Telemundo soap opera – when I fell off my horse, they were war wounds. They filled me with nails, rods, there were several fractures. Now they took everything away from me and I no longer dream at airports and look, I see it, I feel more interesting with the scar.

How did it affect you?
Obviously, I don’t have the same mobility in my left arm as I do in my right, but it brings me closer to God to say “it could have been worse”; I was centimeters away from hitting my head and I didn’t, and I still have an arm that works, I have to give it more effort, yes, everything gets more complicated sometimes for me, yes.

What makes it difficult for you?
When I have to carry the R15, which weighs a lot. Oh! I remember the seventh season, when I could carry the weapons and everything was lighter, but, you know, I feel more proud of being able to do my action scenes now more than before, and it makes you stronger, I swear. it makes you stronger.

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