MAX will follow Netflix’s password sharing ban model – El Diario NY

MAX will follow Netflix’s password sharing ban model – El Diario NY

The model initiated by the streaming platform, Netflixto prohibit the sharing of accounts between users who do not reside in the same house, has begun to have an impact on the rest of the competitors in this sector that grows day by day. And the most recent addition has been MAX.

Warner Bros. Discoveryowner of the streaming platform, announced, through its president and CEO of global streaming and gaming, JB Perrettethat this strategy is based on the success achieved by Netflixwho “established” said rule from the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023 in various countries.

It should be remembered that this model seeks, in addition to increasing the number of subscribers to the platform in question, to provide a better user experience as well as personalize each product with respect to the consumer.

When will the new MAX law come into force?

In accordance with Perrettewho recently presented at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom conference, the new measure could be put into action at the end of 2024 and until 2025.

“I’m conscious not to exaggerate, but we believe that, relative to the scale of our business, it is a significant opportunity.”

JB Perrette

Executive Director of Global Broadcasting and Gaming at Warner Bros. Discovery

During your participation, Perrette He refused to quantify the advantages he expects from the controversial measure. It is worth mentioning that since Netflix established this strategy, which prevents anyone outside the house where any type of plan was contracted from being able to view content from the platform on another site other than the one registered, “gained” just under 30 million new net subscribers in 2023 compared to an annual average of 21 million from 2020 to 2022.

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Due to the above, other platforms, such as Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+, have joined this strategy with the aim of strengthening the streaming market globally.

In the case of MAXwho recently changed its name and image following a brand restructuring at the request of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO, David Zaslavin 2022, suffered losses of more than $2 billion for a profit of $103 million.

“We said we are moving from a world of subscribers to everything, which is a kind of narrative that existed in the old media landscape, to one of profitable growth as our key North Star.”

In addition to the implementation of this strategy of prohibiting the exchange of passwords between users, MAX plans to launch a new plan that includes advertising.

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