Mayrín Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina celebrated 15 years together and now he is blonde – El Diario NY

Mayrín Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina celebrated 15 years together and now he is blonde – El Diario NY

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During their romantic getaway, Mayrín Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina enjoyed relaxing massages, facial and body treatments, as well as thermal baths. In addition, they shared intimate and emotional moments, remembering together the most important moments of their marriage because it was February 28 when they turned 15 years after saying “I do.”

In a recent interview, Mayrín Villanueva shared that throughout their more than a decade together they have experienced difficult moments and, at the same time, moments full of love and complicity. She assures that the key to maintaining a solid relationship is communication, mutual support and respect.

“I love you. What a good plan, I already liked it for each week,” was the message that accompanied the publication made on Instagram. However, one of the things that caught the most attention was seeing the actor’s new hair tone, since it is now blonde.

For her part, Santamarina expressed her unconditional love for Mayrín and thanked her for all the wonderful moments they have shared together. He was excited to celebrate 15 years of marriage and stated that he will continue fighting to keep the flame of love alive in their relationship.

Mayrín and Eduardo form one of the most solid and beloved couples in the Mexican artistic environment. Their love story is an example of perseverance, commitment and complicity. Without a doubt, the romantic weekend at the spa was the perfect way to celebrate their 15 years of marriage and renew their love for years to come.

Fans of Mayrín Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina react

“Santamarina, for God’s sake, that look makes you look old and you are too good for that cut”, “That looks spectacular”, “Wow, how is your change of look for a character or something?”, “You look very good with That hair. I know it is for the character, but it was very nice, with all due respect”, “You are a heartthrob Santamarina! “Your blonde hair doesn’t suit you”, “How happy I feel to see you so happy”, “I loved Eduardo’s new look”, “May, congratulations!! Although I already told you yesterday, I wish you the best today and always with Lalo”, were some of the reactions recorded in the post.

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