Meghan Markle MOCKS Kate Middleton’s retouched PHOTO;  this said

Meghan Markle MOCKS Kate Middleton’s retouched PHOTO; this said

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In recent days, a photograph was spread online where you can see Kate Middleton, Wale’s princess surrounded by her children, the photograph transcended due to the secrecy with which the Royal House has handled itself in relation to the state of health of the princess after the abdominal surgery to which she was subjected and that after her intervention she has not been seen in person. public manner.

The photograph in question was shared through Instagram on the occasion of the celebration of Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom, it has been commented that said publication would have been a strategy to calm the rumors that have dissipated regarding the state of health of the princess However, the photograph would have caused the different meaning, since the image was analyzed by experts who claim that it is a poor editing job.

Later, it would be her own Kate who would be in charge of denying the veracity of the image. In relation to this controversy, according to the Page Six media, in the environment of the Dukes of Sussex Harry and Megan They would have made some jokes about it, arguing that if it had been about them, the media would have annihilated them, since there is different treatment for both couples.


The Princess of Wales faces the commotion caused by the controversial image

Regarding the state of health of the Princess of Wales, Harry and Meghan They have remained on the sidelines without making public statements. She was the princess herself Kate who issued a statement in order to clarify what happened which reads: “Like many amateur photographers, from time to time I experiment with editing. “I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion caused by the family photograph we shared yesterday.”


Besides, the Wale’s princess, shared the editing steps she followed to obtain the image that circulated on the Internet with the purpose of putting an end to the controversy, however, the situation seems to be far from over, especially because the communication that the Princess of Wales has maintained Publicly since his surgery on January 16, it has been carried out exclusively through statements and messages issued through his spokesperson.

The secrecy with which the princess’s health has been handled Kate It keeps the entire country in suspense, as its population is worried about not knowing how their princess is. In addition, several rumors have spread quickly among the population, generating more concern among the people. The people of the United Kingdom remain expectant to learn new details about the princess’s health.

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