Melissa Barrera fans attack Neve Campbel after announcing her return to the Scream saga – El Diario NY

Melissa Barrera fans attack Neve Campbel after announcing her return to the Scream saga – El Diario NY

When it seemed that the saga scream would fall into a kind of “limbo” due to the abrupt dismissal of Melissa Barrera and the output of Jenna Ortegajust a few months ago, the recent announcement of the return of the actress leading the saga, Neve Campbellto Scream 7 has generated more controversy than joy among fans of the horror franchise.

It is worth mentioning that on March 12, the American actress announced, through her social networks, her return to the seventh film of scream through his role Sidney Prescott.

It has always been a wonder and an honor to be able to play Sidney in the ‘Scream’ films. “My appreciation for these films and what they have meant to me has never diminished.”

Neve Campbell


The return of Neve Campbell causes more controversy than joy for Melissa Barrera

After the pronouncement of Campbellwho also announced the director of the new film, Kevin Williamsona large number of users attacked the production of Spyglass for supposedly trying to correct the “mistake” of firing Melissa Barrerafor its stance in favor of Palestine in the war against Israel, by bringing back the first protagonist of the saga.

It should be noted that Campbell He was very close to returning in the previous film. However, salary differences between the actress and the studio stopped her return to the saga.

Melissa Barrera posing at an event.

The criticism surrounding the return of Neve Campbell They also had as their “target” the same actress, who was accused of not having supported or endorsed Melissa after she was fired in November 2023. It is worth mentioning that other actors in the saga, such as Jenna Ortega either Hayden Panettiereraised their voices in favor of their co-star days after the Mexican’s departure.

Likewise, other users did not hesitate to point out the “error” of Campbell to join the saga after the attitude that the producers took against Barrier after his dismissal, such as not paying him fairly.

For all of the above, a large number of fans of the saga scream and of one’s own Melissa Barrera They called for a boycott against the film, which still does not have a release date.

However, there was another large group of people who celebrated the arrival of Campbell to the saga in order to rescue it. It is worth mentioning that after the departure of Barrera and Ortega last year, Scream movie number 7 contemplated various “exits” such as creating a completely new story or bringing in an important character from the past.

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