Russian singer accuses Karol G of plagiarism for the song “Contigo” – El Diario NY

Russian singer accuses Karol G of plagiarism for the song “Contigo” – El Diario NY

Karol G has once again become the target of criticism for the umpteenth time in recent weeks. And after being severely attacked recently for allegedly copying the steps of her compatriot Shakira During a presentation, the “QLONA” performer has been accused of plagiarism again for her recent song “Contigo.”

And according to the Russian singer, Mila Voynathe Colombian plagiarized the rhythm and melody of her song, called “stick”, which was released during the first quarter of 2022, in its recent theme.

Karol G’s song, ‘Contigo’, has the same melody as my song ‘Pégate’, which came out in 2022. I wonder, what was it: sampling or plagiarism? How the hell did it happen that his song has the same transition and changes?

Milo Voyna


Did Karol G commit plagiarism with his song “Contigo”?

Through a video published on her official Instagram account, the Russian reggaeton artist spoke about the alleged plagiarism committed by Karol G through the song “Contigo”, which was released a few weeks ago and where he collaborated with the Puerto Rican singer Young Miko.

Karol G, Colombian singer.

In the same video, Voyna She points out that the first chorus of her song is similar to the Colombian’s recent collaboration. For this reason, the European could not help but show her discontent with Karol stating that she finds it incredible that an artist with so many awards and money has used part of her song without giving her the corresponding credits.

For me, her producers copied the sound of an unrecognized artist, and passed it off as her. Yes, there are sounds in free or paid libraries, but they are sounds”

Mila Voyna


Finally, the Russian artist, through her video, asked the Colombian singer for an explanation about the alleged plagiarism in addition to pointing out that she is her fan but that “work is work.”

Karol G performing in a show.
Karol G was recognized with the Women In The Music Award.
Credit: Mezcalo

A new accusation about Karol G

It is worth mentioning that the accusation of the Russian Mila Voyna joins the variety of criticisms and comments that point out that Karol G’s recent song had copied the rhythm of the English singer’s song Leona Lewis“Bleeding Love”, 2007.

Through various videos, the similarity that exists in the rhythm of “Contigo” and the success of Lewis has been evident, so a large number of users have not been able to leave out their discontent with the song. Karol G.

Despite the number of comments and accusations, the Colombian has not provided any type of clarification. However, and after receiving the Woman In The Music Award, the singer raised her voice to point out that her success has been achieved by herself and not by her collaboration with someone else.

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