Mexican Víctor González managed to save his first game with the New York Yankees – La Opinion

Mexican Víctor González managed to save his first game with the New York Yankees – La Opinion

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Víctor González, Mexican pitcher, member of the New York Yankees organization He is so far enjoying the total trust of the manager of the so-called ‘Bronx Mules’, Aaron Boone, who gave him the game ball to close the team’s most recent game even with his little experience in that role.

During the most recent day of Major League Baseball last Mondaythe New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks, Mexican pitcher Víctor González made his second appearance of the current season and this time he had a different challenge since the responsibility of recording the second game saved was in his hands of his career of just 4 years in the Major Leagues.

González’s performance in a great match

Víctor González came into the game in the 9th inning of the game with the clear and firm objective of retiring three Arizona batters, but he allowed an RBI hit by Jorge Barroa that complicated the situation at that time. But despite this, the Mexican pitcher was able to consecutively and quite efficiently dominate the Dominican players Geraldo Perdomo and Ketel Marte to put an end to the match and manage to seal the victory 5 runs to 2 for the New York organization.

González’s arrival to the Yankees

When the New York Yankees organization showed interest in the Mexican pitcherGonzález did not look like a great acquisition or at least not one that was going to be and make a big difference for the Bronx team, added to the performance and health problems he had had during the last three seasons, but despite this, It cannot be forgotten or passed under the table in 2020, both in the postseason and in the regular season.

González’s numbers

The left-hander had a 1.33 ERA with 23 men struck out in 20 innings. released in the 2020 season, while in the playoffs of that same year he struck out a total of 5 rivals in 6 innings with a 2.70 ERA.

González’s role in the New York entity

It should also be noted that the Mexican Víctor González is just one of the only two pitchers in a relief role that the New York Yankees currently have in the bullpen, so it is expected that his activity in the Bronx team will be quite a lot this regular season, especially when it is his turn to face left-handed hitters, as it was in the case of the recent Arizona game, in which he was used to face hitters Marte and Perdomo.

Depending on the development of the games, it is likely that Aaron Boone Apply different strategies to use Víctor González depending on the corresponding rivals, as mentioned above, especially for left-handed hitters.

González, just 28 years old, remains completely healthy At this time and the trust given by Boone also keeps him very motivated; The Mexican pitcher is under contract until the end of 2026.

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