What are the CHANGES that come into effect in April 2024 to obtain US citizenship?

What are the CHANGES that come into effect in April 2024 to obtain US citizenship?

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The citizenship United States It is an immigration status that thousands of foreigners long to obtain after meeting the requirements and carrying out each of the steps that make up the process, which is standardized and has been the same in recent years; However, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently reported that it is conducting tests to change the design of the tests that applicants undergo. These changes are planned to come into effect in 2024.

At the end of 2022, USCIS reported through the Federal Register of USA that they had plans to make some adjustments to the process of citizenship by naturalization. It was estimated that testing the changes to be implemented would take approximately six months and a total of two years for the final result to be implemented. A year and a half later, they reveal that the redesign will be launched at the end of 2024.

“USCIS expects the Naturalization Test Redesign Initiative to take approximately two years and be ready for implementation by the end of 2024,” the statement read.

Currently, the test of citizenship United States It consists of an English exam for the applicant to demonstrate that they have at least a basic level of command of the native language and can communicate clearly; and the civic education exam, this has the purpose of analyzing knowledge of culture, history and form of government. Both will have changes in 2024.


Changes to the oral test to obtain citizenship

They reported that the English test will be as follows: the applicant will be shown three images from a compilation of almost 70, which have common situations printed in color. These must be described in simple English sentences to the officer in charge of the exam. The ability to respond will be evaluated.

“Applicants will respond to three color photographs randomly selected from a bank of approximately 40 images that correspond directly to an ordinary use scenario, such as daily activities, weather or food,” they explain.

Changes for the naturalization exam in the US

The civic education exam for citizenship by naturalization of USA It consists of 10 random questions that are selected from a collection of 100, which include data about the government, the history of the country, holidays, rights and obligations of citizens, among other topics. The redesign will be with multiple choice answers and not open as it used to be. “USCIS decided to conduct a test with multiple choice questions to be consistent with industry standard and best practices and to increase standardization of exam questions.”

“Applicants will read the civics test items that will be displayed on a tablet and choose the best answer among the possible answers displayed,” they reported in the Federal Register.

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