“Mexico is Mexico, at the right time, it doesn’t show up”: the prediction of the Argentine journalist in Qatar 2022 came true

“Mexico is Mexico, at the right time, it doesn’t show up”: the prediction of the Argentine journalist in Qatar 2022 came true

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Although I do not predict the score, the Argentine journalist, Jorge Barrazawho is in Qatar covering the World Cup, already knew what would happen on the pitch of the Lusail Stadium during the match between Mexico and Argentina.

In an interview with La Opinión hours before the game, Barraza showed that I already knew that El Tri would face a team that does not reflect the historical power that Argentina represents in a World Cup, that Messi was in very poor physical condition and that Mexico would shrink at the important moment.

The journalist began by describing the bad moment that Argentina is experiencing, after the defeat that Saudi Arabia gave it, anticipating that against El Tri it could also give a bad performance.

“Argentina came to this championship physically very badly. In the match against Saudi Arabia he lost all the splits, all the jumps, all the runs and all the melees,” he commented.

And so it happened… Mexico made Argentina look bad for much of the first half, pressed from three quarters of the field and generated good football. It was the best moment in Mexico. On the other side, as against Saudi Arabia, the albiceleste players looked inaccurate in their passes, slow and generally erratic.

Messi is physically bad. According to what they say, a rumor that reached us today, that he is physically in four points. You cannot play a World Cup in four points. Now, he’s going to play the same, How is he going to play?: Standing”, the journalist narrowed.

Jorge was also right here, since Messi played static, ran very little and did not look 100% physically, but even so, he managed to get a genius from the top hat and hurt Mexico with a shot that hit the post and ended in a goal, it was the one that opened the way to victory for the South American team.

Finally, Barraza anticipated that Mexico couldn’t achieve a good result and that’s how it was: El Tri couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the first half and fell apart in the second, just when they had more character to show.

“Mexico grabs the worst Argentina possible, but Mexico is Mexico. What does this mean? It’s not a big deal, that the Mexican player, when the hour of the hour arrives, does not give; at the hour of the hour he does not appear.

And in the end, when they were most needed, the Aztec players did not give, they did not appear. How right.

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