Mhoni Vidente launches prediction about the end of the world: Does it begin with the solar eclipse in April?

Mhoni Vidente launches prediction about the end of the world: Does it begin with the solar eclipse in April?


In recent days, various theories about the end of the world, However, the one that has gained the greatest strength has been the one revealed by Mhoni Videntethis is because many of her predictions have occurred just as she has predicted months in advance. Like every month, in recent days she made public her predictions for the next four weeks and assured that with the solar eclipse dOn April 8, drastic changes will arrive on the planet that will affect all countries until ending in a possible war.

The name of Mhoni Vidente He once again grabbed all the headlines after predicting important events in Mexico such as Hurricane Otis that attacked the coast of Acapulco last year and destroyed everything it touched and more recently for making public the fatal illness of the Princess of Wales. A couple of days ago she came out again to surprise everyone with her wishes. It was through his YouTube account that he released his omens to the whole world and confessed that the solar eclipse will trigger the third world war.

“April 8 is going to be the key day in the year and in the century due to the total solar eclipse. […] There is the initiative of a third world war. […] The most powerful people in the world have already begun to completely move their axes and began to make war strategies to start an uncontrolled war,” he said.

Furthermore, he confessed that the attacks against Russia and the fall of the United States post in Baltimore were not a coincidence, but were part of a strategy to start “chaos” and alarm the population. He added that these will continue during April: “There will be more cases (of attacks) in the month of April, in airports, in cinemas, in various parts of the world we will be seeing even stronger attacks.”

“In France, in the Olympics; in Spain, in the subway; in the United States, in airports and shopping centers. They want to start causing chaos,” explained the Cuban.

After revealing the date on which the world will come to an end, Today it raises alarm bells due to the beginning of armed conflicts between countries that could affect the entire planet. “The most important countries in the world are going to be one thread away from starting the third world war and one of the countries that starts it is going to be Poland and Italy. This is going to begin to detonate into an uncontrolled war that will reach all countries,” concluded Mhoni Vidente.

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