Michelle Renaud told what causes her concern in this last stage of her pregnancy – El Diario NY

Michelle Renaud told what causes her concern in this last stage of her pregnancy – El Diario NY

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Actress Michelle Renaud expressed that She is enjoying this stage of her pregnancy to the fullest. and thanked all the people who accompanied her at her baby shower for Milo. She also shared her excitement at the upcoming arrival of her baby and her happiness at being able to share this moment with her family and friends.

The Mexican has shared throughout her pregnancy her excitement and happiness for the upcoming arrival of her second baby, the result of her relationship with Matías Novoa. Her followers have been attentive to every step of this special stage in her life, and the actress has shared unique and unforgettable moments with them.

However, he made public a concern you have and it is about the birth of your second child because she compared it with a photo of a colleague who ended up giving birth after that time, although she expressed that she still has about 10 weeks left, since in several interviews they have said that Milo will arrive in June.

What surprises me most about these photos is that Uma was born 3 days later, and I still have 10 weeks left! “How much more will my belly grow?” he wrote in a postcard that he uploaded to the camera’s social network stories.

In a recent interview with ‘Despierta América’, the Chilean mentioned that: “It’s not that we don’t want our son not to be Mexican, But we are presented with the opportunity to leave the country and we are taking that option. “It will be a new adventure, many changes, but it is not that we do not want our son to not be Mexican.”

Internet users think about Michelle Renaud’s photos

“Imagine if the baby was with Danilo Carrera. The most beautiful baby in the universe”, “What is the need to get naked?”, “I love them, but I didn’t like these photos, it wasn’t necessary to show so much if I had shown only her belly it would be fine”, “Beautiful, she looks like a baby bump”. girl”, “I’m curious to know what her tattoo says, she looks beautiful and complete”, “How cool that the person taking the photos is her partner. What an intimate moment”, “Beautiful photos and with the best photographer, her husband”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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