Michelle Salas surprises by sharing the long-awaited photo with Luis Miguel – El Diario NY

Michelle Salas surprises by sharing the long-awaited photo with Luis Miguel – El Diario NY


Over several years, Michelle Salas and his father, Luis Miguelthey had been estranged and full of ups and downs in their relationship.

It was not until 2007 when “El Sol” began the procedures to legally recognize Michelle as his daughter, who at that time was about to turn 18; However, as a result of the wedding of the model, who is now 34 years old, everything seems to indicate that the bond between them became closer, to the point that Salas surprised this Monday by sharing on her Instagram account the first photo with his famous father.

In the long-awaited postcard, the influencer appears sitting on the singer’s legs, while both hold glasses of wine, in what appears to be the interior of a private jet.

Without any description, just the smile on both their faces to show that any problem they had was in the past and with the joy of celebrating the interpreter’s 54th birthday, the image caused a stir and in just one hour it got 180,000 “Me likes and more than 8,000 comments celebrating the union of celebrities.

“The photo that all the fans were waiting for. Always together father and daughter. Many blessings”, “The king, along with his princess. A photo that says more than a thousand words”, “How beautiful and happy they look together”, “I died of love. Michelle, thank you for giving us this moment,” are some of the messages they wrote to them.

Luis Miguel celebrates his birthday singing

It was last Friday that Luis Miguel celebrated his birthday during a concert he gave at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. His current partner met there, Paloma Cuevashis brother Alejandro Basteri and Michelle Salas. The more than 20 thousand people who enjoyed his show sang “Las Mañanitas” in unison.

Michelle made an express trip to the city to be present at her father’s celebrations.

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