The girls of Hololive impress the internet with an unexpected parody

The girls of Hololive impress the internet with an unexpected parody

The VTubers of hololive have been present in several viewers, both in being those girls that many see every day without fail, as well as in being a generation of YouTubers that many people dream of being able to be. That’s why it’s not unusual to see that there are tons of merchandising with the theme of each of the VTubers throughout the internet, especially for those limited edition products. But on this occasion the girls have surprised the fans because they have launched a new game in which they are the protagonists, but apparently this was a very interesting parody.

The Hololive girls appear in a video game parody

Through the official account of X (formerly Twitter) It has been revealed that the girls of hololive appear in a visual novel parody game, at that moment we observe several of the VTubers most famous in recent years. The video game/parody presents us with several girls within an institute, they are quite interesting, since their personalities differ quite a bit from each other, so it follows that each of them may have a totally different route and with it different endings. with each.

On the website of Otakomuthe Japanese have been commenting that this game would be a great idea, especially for all those fans of hololive. And let us remember that the VTubers are extremely popular in Japan, just looking at what he achieved Kizuna AI At the time, it is not surprising that this is not only a fashion but also a style of entertainment for many Japanese and also for many people in the West. Although the vast majority on the other side of the pond do not consume content from VTubers from Japan as frequently, the market to have merchandising The West is not closed to this vision.

Hololive-Gal-GameHololive-Gal-Game Hololive-Gal-GameHololive-Gal-Game Hololive-Gal-GameHololive-Gal-Game

Although the game is only a parody to give more publicity to the girls of hololivemany Japanese support the idea that in the future a visual novel style game will be released where the protagonists are girls VTubers. Although considering the enormous popularity that the Hololive girls have, it is to be expected that in the near future this parody may become a reality, although it would be somewhat doubtful to see a version with a translation at least in English of this same one, but it will never be lose hope of seeing that version in the West.

This parody was made as part of the weekly anime called “Holo no Graffiti”, of which many of the girls are usually protagonists, in this case being some of the most recognized as Sakura Miko, Himemori Luna or Oozora Subaru. More precisely, we see how Luna created a visual novel that has Subaru as the protagonist in different versions, while Miko herself is playing, but this apparently hit very hard in the community of hololive.

Due to this publication, VTubers preferred by fans. So if this game becomes a reality, we will be looking at a visual novel with a lot of content, including and assuming that there may also be secret routes and wallpapers with scenes that will satisfy fans.

Hololive-Gal-GameHololive-Gal-Game Hololive-Gal-GameHololive-Gal-Game Hololive-Gal-GameHololive-Gal-Game

So far no further information has been revealed about this parody beyond the video published on X, although many fans are already demanding the creation of this game. And although the game could be real in the future, we still don’t know anything about whether a real prototype of the game that was shown in the video on the official account already exists. hololive in X/Twitter. But we know that if the video game is a reality, then it will see the light of day even in the West, even if fans bring it imported, since many of the girls already have a large fan base outside of Japan.

This parody has awakened many of the fans of hololive, so if it is a massive request, we do not see the opportunity for this game to become a reality, although it is probably not really what it looks like in the parody, if it could have another type of story. This is why we only have to wait for the screams of the fans of these VTubers be heard loud enough for the company that made this parody to take it into account and to reach negotiations in the future.


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