Michigan launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos who are fluent in Spanish;  salary of 7,600 dollars a month

Michigan launches EMPLOYMENT for Latinos who are fluent in Spanish; salary of 7,600 dollars a month

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If you are looking for work in Michiganperhaps the employment vacancy that Lansing School District has what you are looking for. The pay for this position as a teacher includes a salary that ranges between $45,355 and $92,000 annually. That is, when the candidate reaches the rank and enough hours, he will be able to pocket just over $7,600 per month (just over 129,330 Mexican pesos.) If that sounds lucrative enough for you, you might want to take a look at the requirements:

Job requirements in Michigan that pays up to $7,600 per month

As briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, Lansing School District is looking for a Spanish teacher who is committed to the language and its teaching. Of course, mastery of this language is essential in every sense; but also, previous teaching experience will be a plus. For this reason, before thinking about applying just for the sake of knowing Spanish, it is advisable that you know in detail the requirements for this employment vacancy in Michigan:

  • 100% bilingual proficiency (in Spanish and English)
  • Bachelor’s degree in education, teaching Spanish, or a related field (journalism, Spanish literature, etc.)
  • Alignment with the mission and values ​​of the Lansing School District
  • Demonstrate passion for teaching Spanish at the secondary level
  • A Michigan Teacher’s Certificate is desirable, but not essential (you will need to enroll in the program if you do not currently have one)
  • It is desirable, but not essential, to have previous experience as a teacher in an urban environment.

Job Features in Michigan That Pays Up to $7,600 Monthly

If you think you meet the requirements for this employment vacancy in Michiganyou can apply through the portal SimplyHired. As you may have already noticed, the candidate for this job must have some familiarity with teaching at the basic school level. For this reason, your daily tasks in this job will be very related to those of an average teacher, only that your duty will focus on promoting the unique learning of Spanish. On a typical day, your tasks will look something like the following:

  • Provide world-class Spanish lessons
  • Use prior teaching data to effectively guide and differentiate each lesson
  • Evaluate each student and make relevant recommendations about their performance
  • Learn and grow professionally, incorporating feedback from school supervisors, colleagues, and students
  • Build empathetic relationships with students and their parents to promote a safe and inclusive environment
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