Migbelis Castellanos reveals what she does for Pietro in ‘Falling in love’ and why she is looking for a partner on apps

Migbelis Castellanos reveals what she does for Pietro in ‘Falling in love’ and why she is looking for a partner on apps

A few days away from celebrating the 600 episodes of‘Falling in love USA’, Migbelis Castellanos exclusively, he talks about everything: he tells what he does for Pietro, and confesses that he is looking for a partner on apps… She also explains to what extent the UniMás show changed a thought in her career that limited her, and her desire to love and to be loved.

Yes because she also tries and, thanks to the program hosted by Ana Patricia Gámez, Rafael Araneda at 8/7 PM Centro by UniMás, reconfirmed that “Love exists, it has not come to me and I will continue waiting for it”… But also confesses that she was marked by her last relationship with the Italianwhich ended not only because of the distance, but also because she prioritizes her careerhis individual goals and assures that he also learned to begin to modify his life.

Next, Migbelis talks about everything without fear: the show, the opportunities that it transforms in his favor, his dreams, the truth of his relationship with Pietro, what he does for him on a daily basis, and even that he looks for love on apps! the condition? let them be taller than her!

Migbelis Castellanos.
Migbelis Castellanos. Photo: Mandy Fridman

-You had many dreams in this program, how do you feel about celebrating 600 episodes?

Mibelis Castilian: I am very happy because, although people did not see me in front of cameras, when ‘Falling in love’ started, I was working on the digital part from the very beginningand I know how much the program has grown, how people love it, have fun with it, and Being part of people’s entertainment at night at your house is very special.600 episodes that really come to you, and make you happy to continue doing what you do every day here

What was your goal in the first show, and what is it in number 600?

Mibelis Castilian: Wow! I remember that When I entered, doing the digital part, I always had the hope of being part of the show, and I already fulfilled that when they called me to be part of the Bar, here at Pietro’s Bar. Now I think that My goal is not so much limited to this show, but to continue working and doing things on the network, at Univisiónwhich is actually the door that gave entry to Hispanic television in the United States. Doing my beautiful job, that people remember me, that they really associate what I transmit to them on the screen through ‘Enamorándonos’, so that we can continue entertaining ourselves in other windows or in other shows that Univisión has.

-What does the public tell you?

Mibelis Castilian: People The first thing they tell me when they see me on the street is if I’m dating Pietro, and I have to explainI always talk to everyone and explain, no, we’re friends… “Oh, they look so beautiful together”… And I love that, because get a partner with whom you are working every day, and that people like to see us, that’s already a plus, and it’s positive. What happens in the personal part is something else…

number 2, I have had the opportunity to help my colleagues, Ana or Rafawhen they are not in front of the show due to some issues that they are going through and they cannot come, and When I do the show I love it a lot, because people already know that I am part of ‘Falling in love’, they already associate me. Since little bit I did ‘The Rose Parade’, in Los Angeles, and I was very happy because when I had to walk in front, in the middle of the crowd, everyone told me: “Migbelis: yes, yes”. That’s nice, when they already associate you with a project.

-You say that people want to know if you have something with Pietro, we know you don’t, but at some point, the truth, because you never lie to your audience, did something happen between you?

Mibelis Castilian: Clear! At some point there was like a ‘wepa’, and from there everything arosePietro is very handsome, that’s like the first step, always the attractionin fact we tried it here on the show, the first step you have to open the door of love to see if there is an attraction, but I think that along the way we realized that the chemistry we have, we can get a lot out of it for this, for entertainmentand everyone took their course in the personal sphere, but the chemistry is there. We get along super well, we are confident, I have a lot of patience to put up with him because I feel that he still lacks a little self-confidenceso that they see, what people feel through television, and little by little I have been helping him, to improvise his Spanish, so that he can talk a little more…I think the change has been seen since I entered the Bar working with him to when I wasn’t there.

Pietro and Migbelis Castellanos.
Pietro and Migbelis Castellanos. Photo: Mandy Fridman

-Pietro says that you are his Spanish teacher.

Mibelis Castilian: And you don’t pay me for that! can we please publish that Pietro does not pay me to be his Spanish teacherhim (laughs).

-What has cost him the most from what you have taught him?

Mibelis Castilian: If you remember when we did the dance competition, I posted some videos on my Instagram, that kid was sweating, he turned red… He needs a little more security, but I’m really happy and proud of him, who began to let go a little more, And since in the end we danced, we even won the challenge! Like trying not to translate, I understand it because it also happens to one in EnglishWe are in a country where the language is English and even though we live in Miami, where everyone speaks Spanish, when you have to make the transition it is a bit complicated.

The audience of this program understands it too, and appreciates it a lot, and that’s what I like about the audience of ‘Falling in love’, that they really see the effort and the value that we have given to this show, just for them to have a good time at home, and for these people to get love.

-If you weren’t Migbelis, would you dare to participate in a show like ‘Falling in love’?

Mibelis Castilian: I don’t know if it would be a show, but I use dating applications, now that I’m not doing very well or that it hasn’t gone very well, it’s something else… I think it’s not bad to try to get a partner, and to look for the possible tools, rather I admire them because they have the courage to come to a national television program to look for love, and here we give them all the tools so that they do not feel sorry… That’s super complicated, I’m telling you that I’ve been looking for, I get into the application and start to see, if they give me likes, and if I don’t like it when I go to the first meetingor, that this is how the door of love opens, The first thing I see is that he is taller than me. If he is taller than me, I take 2 more steps and sit down.but I don’t know if I would look for it on television, but I’m already looking for it in applications, let’s see how it goes.

Migbelis Castellanos and Rafael Araneda
Migbelis Castellanos and Rafael Araneda. Photo: Univision

-Have you been discovered by candidates in the application that is you?

Mibelis Castilian: It has happened to me 3 times that I have received likes from people who tell me: “I can’t believe it, I see you every night on ‘Falling in love'”… I give that person ‘X’ because it embarrasses meGreetings if you are going to see this interview, yes it is me, the account is true.

-What do you think men lack to appreciate women like you and fall in love?

Mibelis Castilian: I wouldn’t talk about men anymore, It is a generational issue, I am 27 years old and I think that my generation is very aware of becoming independent, of individualism, I am telling you about my shoesis what I am looking for. I I want to continue in my career, be successful, continue to make money, be able to help my family, and even though I tell you that I want to find love, when opportunities come I always put all of this first.I never give myself the chance.

This is also what happens with men, with women, it has no gender, I think that it lacks a little tact, all of us who Let’s understand that in order to search for something and find what we are looking for, we have to be willing to make changes in our lives.… Thank God I learned it, I think that in the last few months, I have made my changes and it has been good, we are going to see if I really feel an attraction, what else can happen and be a little more flexible. I was one of those who said: “No, first my job, if they mess with me”… In fact, that’s why the Italian was so poor, every time he told me something about my work and I liked it so muchNow that time has passed, and several months have passed, I say: “wow, but I never gave myself the opportunity to make changes in myself”… In order to share life with someone you have to adjust and they are very reluctant to do so, hopefully we can understand what we have to be willing to do.

Lorenzo, who would be the Italian boyfriend of Migbelis Castellanos
Lorenzo, was the Italian boyfriend of Migbelis Castellanos. Photo: Linkedin

-Now that you understand it, would you go back with the Italian?

Mibelis Castilian: I have communication with him, and we fix things, Everything ended well, but there is also the distance factor, which is terrible, horrible… You are going to see me every night always at a dinner, with some friends, and one needs that, the presence of the person you like, at least so that they see that when I am upset and that I can be content after a whilewhich passes me quickly, but it is very far, in Italy, there are many hours, and hours of difference for calls Also, it influences a lot.

-What do you think you learned from ‘Falling in love’ professionally and personally?

Mibelis Castilian: In the professional that no position defines you, and I have to confess it to you from the bottom of my soul, when they gave me the opportunity on this side of the Bar, I saw a lot that I was going to be pigeonholedin being a Bartender, and the truth is that no… To all the opportunities in this industry, you have to turn it around and take advantage of it, and there is no big opportunity, no small opportunity, they are all very good. In the beginning It took me a long time to understand that being in this bar was not going to define the rest of my career.. Now I have a lot of fun, I always try to bring ideas, to be creative. You can take advantage of everything.

Personally, one has to believe that love comes in different formsthere is love of a friend, love of family, love of work, and love does exist, only that it comes to some at different times than others. It has not arrived to me, so I will continue waiting for itI will continue trying to be willing to make changes in my life, if destiny requires it, and wait, wait for the right person to arrive, just as they are told.



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