Friends of Shakira “fear” that Lucien Laviscount will date the singer to gain fame – El Diario NY

Friends of Shakira “fear” that Lucien Laviscount will date the singer to gain fame – El Diario NY

Although in days prior to the release of his new album, “Women Don’t Cry Anymore”, Shakira revealed that she is only focused on the “love” that comes from her friends, it seems that the Colombian has decided to give herself another “opportunity” in the romantic field by starting to date the actor and model Lucien Laviscount.

According to various sources close to the “Waka Waka” singer, Shakira started dating Laviscount after they were spotted together in New York City just hours after the artist’s concert in Times Square.

It should be noted that the actor was part of the video for the song “Aim”, where he “shared” a large number of risque scenes with the South American singer.

However, despite the positive response from fans of Shakirawho celebrated the union of both celebrities, were the Colombian’s friends who raised their voices because they consider that Laviscount He could be “using” the singer to obtain greater fame.

What do Shakira’s friends say about her alleged relationship with Lucien?

Through the Daily Mail, sources close to the singer revealed their concern due to the “history” of the actor, who, according to friends of Shakirahas been “escalating” with respect to the celebrities with whom he relates.

Shakira is desperate to fall in love, but her friends are worried because Lucien has been slowly climbing the celebrity ladder while dating other women who were all less famous than Shakira.

Shakira’s friends
Shakira posing.

The same sources revealed that Laviscount could be seen by Shakira as a kind of “rebound” after his turbulent relationship with the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué. Likewise, they pointed out that the actor’s “fame” as a womanizer is a bad sign regarding the romance that both stars are starting and that it could “harm” the businesswoman in the future.

Despite the previous factors, the same media revealed that both Shakira as Lucien Laviscount They are not “very involved” in the relationship, which has generated relief in the singer’s friends.

Shakira performing live.
Shakira will soon perform in Mexico City.
Credit: Mezcalo

After its successful presentation in the city of NYit is presumed that the Colombian singer would repeat the same “formula” in the destinations that appear in a Spotify promotional video: Mexico City, Mexico; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Bogotá, Colombia.

According to various recent publications on social networks, it has been rumored that the singer is already in Mexico, so new information regarding her presentation would soon come to light.

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