Miguel Herrera avoids crucifying Nahuel Guzmán and rejects that he is public enemy number one – La Opinion

Miguel Herrera avoids crucifying Nahuel Guzmán and rejects that he is public enemy number one – La Opinion

Not without first anticipating who will continue to lead Xolos de Tijuana For the next season, the coach of the border team Miguel Herrera avoided crucifying the Tigres de la UANL goalkeeper; Nahuel Guzmán, who stated that “as a person he is a great person, but like him when he made a mistake, now “The feline goalkeeper will have to face the consequences of his mistake.”

Miguel Herrera, in the same way he played the Nahuel Guzmán song, once again, time was given to clarify publicly through The opinionthat his project in the border team will remain firm for the next Apertura 2024 tournament, not because of his friendship with the owner Jorge Alberto Hank, but because the businessman is an atypical owner who wants to consolidate a long-term process and that trust commits him to return for revenge for the next campaign after the resounding failure it had in the Clausura 2024 tournament.

“I have encountered something atypical about football. A team owner who is aware that he wants a team project and that he bet on a big team. We know that this is measured by results and that this tournament has not been good at giving him the results that Jorge is looking for and now we must plan well and start well to be able to put this team at the top.”

Miguel on this point added that his ratification for the next season has nothing to do with the friendship with the owner of Xolos, Jorge Alberto Hank: “As I have said on other occasions, there is talk of my friendship with Jorge Alberto, but I also have friendship with Santiago Baños, a lot of friendship with Baños, with Mauricio Culebro, with José Antonio García himself, with Antonio Leaño, with Luis Miguel Salvador, with Pepe González Ornelas and Jorge Urdiales, who at the time had to make decisions and made them, this does not pass as friendship, no matter how much you are a friend, if you do not give results”

And he added that: “This is measured by results and fortunately Jorge Alberto Hank “He has opted for a project, not just to look for 5 or 6 games, nor for 17, but a project that produces results and that is why we are looking for this process to flourish and produce results next season.”

Are you a man of challenges, will you come for your revenge in the next championship?

Totally, because it has been the worst tournament of my career, but in which I have also learned a lot and we have to work a lot to turn this around.

Did you get desperate and think about throwing away the harp?

More than despairing, the truth is that I didn’t know what was happening, because we played in many games better than the rival, but we didn’t win. We didn’t know how to score it, against Santos the same, against Necaxa the same, they turned us around when we were playing best. For many periods we played better. A great game against Rayados and they tied you, then against América 70 percent possession and they scored in two plays and beat us. Key errors that we must work on.

Nahuel must face the consequences of his mistake

QOn the other hand, Miguel Herrera avoided burning his former boss with green woodthe Tigres goalkeeper, the Argentine Nahuel Guzmán, about whose mistake against the Monterrey goalkeeper, Esteban Andrada, stated that: “I have always said and I will always remain with the extraordinary leader that Nahuel Guzmán is on the field, which contributes to a equipment”.

He also reiterated that: “He is the best goalkeeper statistically in Liga MX, the best foreign goalkeeper that has come in recent times. Today he is the best, he who has the most titles. Furthermore, I met him and he is an extraordinary person, that’s what I will stay with him. “He now made a wrong decision like I did at the time and he must face the consequences of a bad decision.”

Imago 1502907
Miguel Herrera put himself in Nahuel Guzmán’s shoes and did not want to burn him with green wood for his mistake against Monterrey goalkeeper Esteban Andrada. Photo:Marco Tapia/Imago7.

But isn’t he public enemy number one of Mexican soccer?

Not at all, Nahuel is an extraordinary competitor, leader of a group, he made a mistake like any human being and must face the consequences of his act, but it is not what they say in the newspapers.

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