Miguel Herrera receives boos in El Volcán and beat Tijuana against Tigres: “It’s a failure” – La Opinión

Miguel Herrera receives boos in El Volcán and beat Tijuana against Tigres: “It’s a failure” – La Opinión

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Miguel Herrera, coach of the Xolos de Tijuana, was booed on his return to El Volcán against the Tigers. The Mexican coach received loud boos upon entering the field before the game.

Herrera led Tigres in 2021 and 2022. Then there was a controversial departure after saying that he had a squad that was “too old” to play.

The Tijuana coach commented on the boos after the 4-1 defeat and stated that fans have the right to demonstrate.

“Today I owe it to another fan to whom I am indebted for the tournament that was held, I have been wearing other colors, plus I didn’t give them anything (to Tigres), the boys had a good tournament, but we didn’t give them anything, they have the right to demonstrate however they want,” he commented.

Miguel Herrera affirms that he failed with Tijuana

After the boos, Tijuana lost 4-1 and thus signed one of the worst tournaments for the Mexican coach in his career as a coach.

“It’s failure, I don’t shy away from the word, it has been the worst tournament since I started as a coach, In many games the team did not play well, but periods of games were very good, but we did not mess up,” he declared.

“Failure, there is no need to fear it, a bad tournament, a disaster. The team could not add to be at the top, After the relegation part, there were mistakes in the tournament and we couldn’t compete, eight draws are too many.

Herrera commented on whether he will continue on the team and stated that, if he continues, he will need people “with more determination.”

“I have to sit down with Jorge (Hank), he has told me about continuity, but we have to sit down about what’s next and if he ratifies me, We will plan, we lack people with more determination,” he added.

Toluca falls to Cruz Azul after missing two penalties

This Saturday, Colombian Willer Ditta scored the goal with which Cruz Azul won 1-0 to Toluca and reached second place in the table on the seventeenth day, the last of Clausura 2024 of Mexican soccer.

Ditta’s goal fell in the 18th minute thanks to a header from the center by Argentine Carlos Rotondi. Brazilian Tiago Volpi, Toluca’s goalkeeper, missed two penalties, the first at 67 and the second at 74.

La Maquina added 33 points, Toluca remained at 32 points in third place, both are classified for the final phase.

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