Which people are most likely to obtain a Green Card in the United States by employment

Which people are most likely to obtain a Green Card in the United States by employment

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Although there are many ways to obtain the Green Card in United States; one of the most popular is to get an excellent offer of employment. Thus, the path to permanent residence It starts not only with the proper paperwork, but with a job that will potentially earn the candidate a salary from the beginning of their journey. However, it is essential to note that NOT all occupations are equally in demand; For this reason, only certain profiles are prioritized to grant this sought-after benefit.

What professions in the United States help you get a Green Card faster?

Generally, it is believed that the medical or exact sciences occupy the first positions in this aspect; but this is not necessarily an infallible rule. Broadly speaking, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) certify that to obtain the permanent residence through the route of employmentThe most important thing is that applicants have a current job proposal from the beginning.

This is where the next filter comes in: priority is given to certain profiles, according to their need in the current labor market. In the same way, the education, skills and work experience of the candidates are taken into account. Thus, it is not that there are ‘better’ professions than others at a conventional level for Green Cardit all depends on the ‘annual cut’ and the positions that have not been filled.

How are employment visas that lead to permanent residence classified?

As already mentioned, before thinking about the permanent residencethe interested party must verify that they have a valid job offer (which they could have obtained through a direct recommendation, through a employmentetc.) Then, depending on the position, USCIS grants you a work visa category that, according to your priority level, will shorten the path to apply for your Form I-485: Application for Registration Permanent residence. Below, we present the work visa classifications that lead to the Green Card:

  • First Preference Visa (EB-1 visa) for Priority Workers: granted to foreigners with extraordinary and verifiable abilities in sciences, arts, education, business, etc. It represents the highest priority among all work visas.
  • Second Preference Visa (EB-2) for Foreigners with Exceptional Ability: Given to those who have advanced degrees or “out of the ordinary” abilities, and who are not regularly covered in the US market. It represents one step higher than the EB-3 visa, but one step lower than the EB-1 Visa.
  • Third Preference Visa (EB-3) – Skilled Workers: This covers simpler (but still scarce) jobs in the United States. Here, the employer must present a labor certification from the Department of Labor (DOL) as well as the Form I-140: Immigrant Petition for Foreign Workers.

It is essential to emphasize that, on average, the number of visas based on employment They are limited to 140,000 a year. However, once said document is obtained, the processing of the permanent residence can start almost immediately (and without having to leave the US). However, it is also important to note that the Green Card It will be denied if it is discovered that the applicant lied in his or her process, if he falsified his certifications, if he committed a violation of the Immigration Law, or if he is accused of a serious crime.

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