Monica White, the woman who dated a serial killer remembers what their relationship was like – La Opinion

Monica White, the woman who dated a serial killer remembers what their relationship was like – La Opinion

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Monica White She feels lucky to be alive. She was dating a man and saw worrying signs. Months later, that man was arrested and accused of being a serial killer.

“I knew something was wrong with him,” White, 56, told People magazine, whose interview appears in this week’s issue. “Something broke. “It was crazy,” he said.

At the end of 2020, White met Anthony Robinson on the dating app Tagged. Robinson is the suspect in the deaths of at least six women in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, and most of the bodies were dumped in shopping carts, which is why he is known as the “Shopping Cart Killer”.

After they met, Robinson began calling White and video chatting every day. “I wasn’t really thinking romantically. It was just company,” said the woman, who had been divorced for three years and wanted to try online dating.

Robinson told him he had a daughter and worked in waste management. At first, she said, “I thought it was normal.”

In January 2021, Robinson traveled from Harrisonburg, Virginia, to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, to meet White in person, but Things felt bad from the moment she picked him up at the bus station..

“There were things that came up as red flags on the first visit,” he said. “He said, ‘Please don’t judge me from the beginning. Let’s get to know each other. I don’t like it when women reject me.’ So that was a red flag.”

Things started to change

Still, she decided to meet him, but what she learned worried her. In her bed, especially, it made her feel very uncomfortable.

He tried to tie me up, but I wouldn’t let him.. I was like, ‘I don’t like it.’ “He put my arms behind my back and then grabbed me by the neck,” she stated.

During that first visit, Robinson told White that he wanted to move in with her. “I said, ‘No. You’re going too fast, man,’” the interviewee commented.

Robinson asked if he could visit again the following month to celebrate White’s 54th birthday. She arrived a week before the party. She bought a one-way bus ticket and told him that she had “good news” because she had job offers in the area.

Alarmed, She refused to be physically intimate with him again.. “She peed on my bed on my birthday. “I couldn’t believe it,” she noted. “I allowed you to sleep in my bed and you urinate in my bed?” she added.

In the end, White told Robinson that she did not want to have a relationship with him. “It started to explode,” she said. She gave him 20 dollars to get to the train station. She later learned that Robinson did not leave town, but was staying at a motel in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

He suggested going to his motel room. “He offered me $500.”he said, adding that he rejected said proposal.

One day, she was passing by the motel and saw him outside. “He seemed like a totally different man. Something broke in him. I don’t know if he used drugs and ended up going crazy,” she stated. “It was as if I had seen a ghost, a monster.”.

Months later, after Robinson’s arrest in November 2021, White’s cousin showed him a news article with his mugshot and the shocking accusation that he was a serial killer.

“Once I started putting the puzzle together, of course, when the pieces fit, they fit,” White said.

The woman does not believe that Robinson wanted to kill her, but You are worried that your rejection has provoked his anger..

“I felt like I might have been the reason he broke,” she said. “In fact, I had allowed this man into my house, I allowed him to spend the night in my house.”

Robinson has pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder and is currently awaiting trial in a Virginia jail. He has not been charged in the other four deaths of women, which remain under investigation.

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