My VISA was approved but it does NOT arrive and 30 days have passed, what do I do?

My VISA was approved but it does NOT arrive and 30 days have passed, what do I do?

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Upon receiving the news that your American visa was approved, it is natural for you to be excited and look forward to it. Generally, consular officials tell you that the Procedure It takes between two and four weeks to collect; It all depends on whether you choose to collect your tourist visa at an Applicant Service Center (CAS) or at a DHL courier branch. Of course, if the days go by and you just don’t receive the email with the news that you can now pick it up, other questions will invade your head: what happened? why it takes so long,? will I have problems in USA?. Here we tell you what to do if it ‘never’ arrives:

Possible reasons for delay in the delivery of American visas

The first thing is to stay calm: it is important to understand why the American visa It may take longer than anticipated. Although consular officials give you a maximum waiting time of four weeks; There are numerous (and understandable) factors why the realization of the Procedure may be delayed. Below, we cite the most frequent reasons, all of them corroborated and addressed by the competent authorities:

  • Processing delays: Sometimes immigration authorities in USA They may cause delays in the sending of documentation; mainly due to pending paperwork.
  • Errors in the address: Data verification when starting your Procedure It is essential when sending your visa. If there is no consistency in the location of your CAS or the chosen DHL branch, the shipment will be hindered.
  • ‘Usual’ conflicts with the courier service: sometimes, courier companies face internal problems that harm the shipment of the American visa.
  • Lost Mail: Unfortunately, in some cases, the visa can be lost in transit like any other piece of mail. As soon as you know that this is the scenario you are dealing with, it is necessary to notify the consular authorities in a timely manner.

What can I do if my visa never arrives despite its approval?

  • Check the status of your American visa: You can check where your visa is located through the official website of the Citizenship and Immigration Service of the USA (USCIS, for its acronym in English.) You just have to fill out the required information and you will get updated information.
  • Contact the Embassy or Consulate that served you: if you properly identify yourself, consular staff can provide valuable information about the status of your visa; as well as the exact measures to take in case of delay or loss.
  • Verify your contact details: Review the details you provided. If there is an error in the address or you changed it recently, correct it immediately. Another additional recommendation is that you always have copies of your application papers.
  • Request a replacement copy: If after checking the status of your Procedure discover that it was lost, it is essential to visit the USCIS site to request a replacement copy.
  • Consider legal advice: if you encounter significant difficulties in the process or are afraid of making a mistake, seek legal advice from a certified immigration agency, or from a specialized lawyer.
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