Natanael Cano makes Belinda CRY in the middle of the interview;  what happened?  |  VIDEO

Natanael Cano makes Belinda CRY in the middle of the interview; what happened? | VIDEO



A new hit has been released, just a few days after its launch ‘300 nights‘ of Belinda and Natanael Cano has been immediately placed in the playlist most important of the different streaming platforms, since apparently it is a topic that has touched the most sensitive fibers of the singer of Mexican nationality, because in the middle of the interview, the one also known as the ‘father of the lying corridos’ has done it cry and this is the reason.

Let us remember that throughout more than 20 years of artistic career, the singer and actress Born in Spain, she has surprised everyone by venturing to take her voice and talent to different musical genres where she has left everyone with their mouths open and proof of this is that she has taken over the Mexican regional since the launch of ‘Cactus’ a couple of months ago, in which he gives his version of the story about his breakup with Christian Nodal.

But now, the protagonist of the series Netflix, ‘Welcome to Eden’, has decided to put his voice and talent back into the corridos tumbados, and what better way to do it than with the creator of this genre, Natanael Cano, who has now made the woman even cry famous blonde, because apparently this topic has been one of the most important of his career and these were the reasons why Belinda bursts into tears in front of mexican singer only 23 years old.

What does the new song by Belinda and Natanael Cano say?

It was through an interview that the famous and interpreter of ‘300 nights’ for Spotify, they joined a question and answer dynamic, where the blonde assured that she is song talks about the process of overcoming a love relationship, as she claims that she wrote it when she was in Miami, so many assure that it can be directed at nothing more and nothing less than Christian Nodal.

And on behalf of Cano, the ‘Father of the lying corridos’ He had some very nice words for Belindafrom whom she also shed a few tears after ensuring that both she and her song They were the ones who gave him back his desire and love for music, so the star couldn’t stand it and almost cried in the middle of it. interview live that the streaming platform shared through his social networks.

  • Nathanael Cano: “I kind of feel like this year I didn’t want to do anything anymore, because Belinda came and revived me and awakened something very big in my career for me, so now I want to continue giving it my all, you know?”, expressed the Mexican.
  • Belinda: “Oh, Nata, how beautiful, I want to cry,” she mentioned between laughter and small tears.

What is a fact is that these words have also made a lot of noise for the interpreter’s fans, who through digital channels have asked that don’t fall in love with her and much less get to tattoo something of her on her body like her ex-partners have done; so far neither Natanael Cano neither Belinda They have made a public statement regarding a possible fleeting love between them.


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