New drivers in El Gordo y la Flaca? Raúl de Molina is leaving, but on vacation – El Diario NY

New drivers in El Gordo y la Flaca? Raúl de Molina is leaving, but on vacation – El Diario NY

Raul de Molina

Some days ago Raul de Molina He was driving “The fat and the skinny” in the company of Clarissa Molina and Dayanara Torres due to the vacation of his partner, Lili Estefan. “La Flaca” returned to the show and now it was his turn to go on a trip and her turn to share with new and old friends to host her program.

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Lili has had to take turns hosting the show with the Dominican -Clarissa Molina- and yesterday afternoon it was Adrián Uribe’s turn as guest host. Let us also remember that the Mexican comedian is also the host of the nighttime show “De Noche y yo Sin Sueño”, which will premiere its new season this April.

These types of changes, on the other hand, tend to generate uncertainty in the public that follows the program, especially because for years and on occasions, Raúl’s absences are much more noticeable and fuel a lot of sensational gossip surrounding the production.

The fact that some of its hosts are not present for many weeks provokes rumors about possible layoffs or changes in a program that since 2021 has faced speculation about a possible cancellation or “end of cycle” within Univision.

But no, none of this gossip has been confirmed either by the production of the program or by its hosts.

On this occasion, Raúl returned to Spain for what seems to be his first vacation of the year. Let’s agree that the Univision host has a predilection for this European country, to which he usually travels more than once a year. The next city that most visits, for pleasure and work, is also New Yorkwhere Univision usually makes its famous “upfront” to present the productions they will present throughout the year.

Raúl’s image and his visit to the city of Valencia has generated a wave of positive comments. Many, to begin with, applaud the fact that Cubans dedicate time to visiting cities in Spain, highlighting not only their beauty but also their architectural relevance.

Also, there are several of his followers who applaud the fact that he looks so thin. And in recent years, De Molina He has proven to have strong willpower, which has allowed him to lose weight and learn to eat healthily, while also doing cardio routines to exercise his body and help him in the process of losing weight.

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