New York annuls Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction, what will be the fate of the former Hollywood producer?

New York annuls Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction, what will be the fate of the former Hollywood producer?

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The famous former Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinsteinwho had received a sentence for the crime of rape received the news today that the superior court of NY decided to annul his sentence after considering that the rulings against him were inadequate, among other considerations. However, the producer will remain behind bars as he still faces a trial in a court in Los Angeles, California.

Another reason that was validated for cancel the sentence of Weinstein was that the judge who took charge of the case carried out the process in the wrong way, one of his big mistakes was allowing some women to give their statements as witnesses to accusations that were not part of the case. And although this sentence has been annulled there may still be justice for the victims of the crimes committed by this man.

Although this sentence has been left without effect, it is likely that the ruling could open a new trial to correct the errors committed during the first legal procedure. Harvey Weinstein He was sentenced to a 23-year prison sentence that he began to serve in 2020. He was convicted of charges of criminal sexual act, for forced oral sex on a production assistant, and for third-degree rape against an applicant. to actress.

The Harvey Weinstein case will continue in the Los Angeles court

In February 2023, the former producer was also sentenced in a Los Angeles court, in this case, Harvey He received a sentence of 16 years in prison for charges of sexual abuse, this is the reason why he may remain in prison waiting to know if the procedure followed against him in NY will be reopened. The abuse generated by Harvey Weinstein gave rise to the famous global movement called #MeToo.

This movement arose after more than 90 women in the industry accused Weinstein of having carried out actions of aggression or harassment against them, but the story of the former producer dates back decades, some women who accused him of rape in the decade of The 70 will be left without access to justice because, according to the legal framework established in Los Angeles, these crimes have already expired.

In case of NY was no different, the prosecutors in charge of prosecuting the case did not present forensic evidence or additional testimony, their defense was based on the jury having to believe the victims, finally the case was dismissed. These actions cause outrage along with the statements of the lawyers of Weinstein who argue that some of the accusations allegedly happened a long time ago and the victims do not have evidence to corroborate their statements.

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